Miraculous Moment an Amazon Employee Tries to Shoot his Boss but the Gun Keeps Jamming (Watch Full Video for Full Action)

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSYX) — Video shows the moments an Amazon-contracted security guard escapes after a trainee attempts to shoot him from behind. The man later exchanged gunfire with police in Columbus.

Surveillance video obtained through a public records request from West Jefferson police shows 22-year-old Ali Hamsa Yusuf pointing a gun at the victim, who told 911 that he had been training Yusuf for approximately two weeks.

"He shot at me twice, but he missed," said the contracted security guard to 911 dispatchers. "He almost executed me."

Yusuf walks behind where the guard is sitting and aims the handgun at him from three feet away.

He tries to fire, but nothing happens.

"It appeared that he had a jam, was checking the top rail of the gun, and then ultimately fired the round. It just missed the victim's head," said Brandon Smith, West Jefferson's Police Chief.

The video shows the guard scrambling to get away from the gunman, who briefly runs and then walks through the facility with a gun in his hand.

ideos released by the Columbus Division of Police show an exchange of gunfire that left one officer shot and an Amazon security guard dead.

The bodycam and police car dashcam captured the moments around 6 p.m. Sunday when Columbus police caught up with 22-year-old Ali Hamsa Yusuf‘s car, following a shooting at a local Amazon warehouse. Squad vehicles pinned him at the intersection of Georgesville and Clime Road, but the dashcam video showed he got out of his car and immediately began firing at the officers behind him.

A male officer could be heard groaning as the gunfire continued. He and another officer got out of the car to shoot back, and his bodycam captured the driver-side window shattered by a bullet.

The dashcam showed Yusuf running up a small hill to a HomeBuys parking lot, and still firing at the officers behind him. Officers returned fire and Yusuf eventually collapsed on the hill. Starting from Yusuf’s first shot, the continuous exchange of gunfire lasted eight seconds.

After the shooting, the officer who groaned realized he had been shot.

“I’m hit,” he could be heard saying in the bodycam. “104, I’m hit by a bullet.”

Despite multiple officers checking on him, he told them he was “good.” They could be heard saying they didn’t see signs of bleeding, but then told him to go to the hospital.

Another officer took him to Grant Medical Center in stable condition, and he was later released from the hospital. Columbus Police Chief Elaine Bryant said that the officer’s bulletproof vest stopped the gunshot from causing a more serious injury.

Yusuf was taken to Doctors West Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 6:57 p.m.

The shootout with police stemmed from an earlier report of gunfire at Amazon’s CMH5 distribution center, located west of Columbus. Yusuf was a security guard assigned to the building by an outside contractor. Investigators said he showed up with a gun around 4:45 p.m. West Jefferson officers initially responded to the warehouse, where more than 100 employees were inside, after they said Yusuf showed up with a gun. Yusuf fired one shot and damaged the building before leaving, but no one was injured, according to police.

Witnesses gave differing accounts on the number of shots fired in the facility. One 911 caller stated he heard shots fired inside the building and a woman screaming before people started going outside. Another 911 caller, who identified himself as an Amazon employee, said Yusuf was his “trainee” and that he shot at him twice but missed.
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5 +1 Kunter-X 1 week ago

«If it doesn't fire you're supposed to point the weapon toward your face, look down into the barrell and see if there's anything blocking the inside of the barrell like a bullet.
Then you keep hitting the trigger to remove the bullet, simple.

1 +1 Rickey 1 week ago

«How bad of a shooter»

6 +1 Rockymuffmuncher 1 week ago

«Hands up! .. Don’t move!
American cops are like women. They never sure about what they want.

9 +1 porksledge 1 week ago

«Man, that twatwaffle couldn't even shoot someone at close range. As a security guard, he was gonna be NO BUENO anyway»

22 +1 cdxlwatch 1 week ago

«BLM is gonna make him the victim and a hero, watch.»

0 +1 thesithguy 1 week ago

«@cdxlwatch cuz hes security lol»

2 +1 thesithguy 1 week ago

«replied to wrong comment, apologies»

6 +1 Naap51stang 1 week ago

«Oh I'm sure he was a good boy, loved by all and would give you the shirt off his back.
Where are the videos of him in his high school graduation gown?
(hell probably an illegal anyway)

0 +1 michealjordan96 1 week ago

«Maybe if dumb low paid fuck was paying attention he wouldn't have gotten shot. But he wasn't so he got shot.»

20 +1 Southcentraltimes 1 week ago

«He probably wanted to date the security man and got rejected a lot of the Muslims are gay and angry most of time that’s why they all beat women and kids well one less peace of shit in the world one less loser taking away jobs and air from usa»

5 +1 Saturn666 1 week ago

«Poor kid, the pressure got to him and he snapped.
Now, that lucky evil bastard, his diabolical boss, will go on abusing countless other kids.

1 +1 SouthParkNiceeeGuy 1 week ago

«High vis crime is on the up»

28 +1 WonkasWilly 1 week ago

«I just can't believe someone named Ali Hamsa Yusuf could be violent fuck biden :O»