Bill Maher Just Helped Donald Trump

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Bill Maher Just Destroyed The Stormy Daniels Hush Money Case
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:) 8-) ;( :D :( :O :P ;) :heart: :ermm: :angel: :angry: :alien: :blink: :blush: :cheerful: :devil: :dizzy: :getlost: :happy: :kissing: :ninja: :pinch: :pouty: :sick: :sideways: :silly: :sleeping: :unsure: :woot: :wassat:
9 +1 medfoto 1 week ago

«Traitor Trump and the MAGA ReTrumplican political organization are lying Mysoginistic anti-American, anti-Democratic Fascist White "Christian" Nationalist Domestic Terrorists. Nothing more and nothing less.»

27 +1 WonkasWilly 1 week ago

«@medfoto fuck biden»

20 +1 Naap51stang 1 week ago

TDS is STRONG with this one.

22 +1 bluwahffle 1 week ago

«@medfoto You sound like a gay»

1 +1 MossadDestroyer88 6 days ago

«@medfoto Christian Fascist? Nice. Can't wait»

1 +1 MaxiePaddy 4 days ago

«@medfoto how the fuck did you get so indoctrinated? Mainstream media got to you. You used every one of their talking points in one sentence»

7 +1 graphicism 1 week ago

«Maher, Trump, Biden, Obama, Tucker all work together.

It's a big club and you ain't in it!

4 +1 MossadDestroyer88 6 days ago

«@graphicism if Trump was in it, he'd be as safe as shabbos goy DeSantis»

12 +1 Mark_ey 1 week ago

«Who cares what jew media says they are all in on the scam its all just a scam the whole thing its one big club and you and I aint in it.»

2 +1 MossadDestroyer88 6 days ago

«@Mark_ey if Trump was in on it, there'd really be no need to boost DeSantis like they did and we'dve gone to war for israel those 4 years»

27 +1 MaxiePaddy 1 week ago

«The entire mainstream media against the orange man, and his poll numbers are still soaring. The ruling class must be getting nervous»

5 +1 graphicism 1 week ago

«@MaxiePaddy Don't believe your television or the mainstream mate... they all work together. Media on both sides are an act. Orange man bad is an act.»

3 +1 MaxiePaddy 1 week ago

«@graphicism ok but I like to paint with a broad brush so what am I supposed to think about it? It's a distraction to prevent us from finding where the money gets funneled to?»

3 +1 LordTorquemada 1 week ago


2 +1 ScreaminMime 1 week ago

«I don't watch his show but his lil podcast in his basement is pretty good. Halfway through the one with Bill Burr as a guest.»