32-Year Old Millionaire Fakes Being a 13-Year-Old Teen, Enrolls in Highschool.

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This is potentially my favorite recurring story on the internet. I'm shocked I didn't get around to this one earlier. Investigative Reporter at the Boston Globe Patricia Wen did an incredible job digging up the details to story (linked above).

At least once per year, you'll see a random adult somewhere in America do what everybody on some level kinda wishes they could do. Go back and relive high school with all the knowledge they have now.

Shelby put forth about as good an effort as I've ever seen. She had the wool pulled over everyone's eyes for an admirable stretch of time. Starting in December 2021, Shelby's con went something like this:

- Created emails disguised as official Department of Children and Families' accounts for 2 different fake social workers who claimed to work for 16-year old "troubled teen" Daniella Blake Herrera who struggled with anorexia (Shelby was able to do this so easily because she herself was a social worker, and knew how that whole world worked).
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:) 8-) ;( :D :( :O :P ;) :heart: :ermm: :angel: :angry: :alien: :blink: :blush: :cheerful: :devil: :dizzy: :getlost: :happy: :kissing: :ninja: :pinch: :pouty: :sick: :sideways: :silly: :sleeping: :unsure: :woot: :wassat:
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«WOW! Soneone was bored with life»

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«Sounds bit pedo to me.»

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«O my this fat dude is disugsting as fuck»

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«@Uzudu5401 ha somebody has a crush»

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«When a "Southern Dad" thinks he can be a EweTube Star.»

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«Did she forget she looks 40 ?»

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«Not hot so who gives a sh--»

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«Did she want to screw young boys?»

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«Maybe she wanted to write a book about it. Yeah it's creepy but she didn't touch any private parts so I guess she shouldn't be destroyed for this»