One Female among a Crowd of Islamic Republic of Pakistani's is Groped and Eventually Falls (R@pe Game)

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Source claimed this is called the Rape Game. I can't verify but I can verify what I see in the video.
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0 +1 TopMod 1 week ago

«Damn! Like a bunch of wolves on a deer carcass»

6 +1 Zekedog78 1 week ago

«We need to stop being so squeamish & just accept the fact that it's time to fire up the ovens.
The planet is woefully overpopulated & it's time to make space by rounding up the lowest, least useful, least civilised & advanced of the species... It's our social duty to thin the herd before it's too late.!

2 +1 WonkasWilly 1 week ago

«@Zekedog78 Massive mandatory abortions and birth control. For Affica. Stop sending bidenhole countries food and medicine. Self-deport or be executed. islam outlawed in all Western countries.»

0 +1 Uzudu5401 1 week ago

«Bangladesh is such a superb country, they love wowan, it s still Ramadan after all.»

7 +1 pokahounted 2 weeks ago

«I think its religions shit again someone caught for Blasphemy and you know who support this shit hole Pakistan USA and who make this shit hole UK and who fund this shit hole All EU so take your Eestern Tongues and Lick Capitalistic ASS MFs»

3 +1 pokahounted 2 weeks ago

«when you don't have details how the fuck you can say its a rape count MF western shit»

3 +1 Uzudu5401 1 week ago

«@pokahounted please stfu , man from third world country»

8 +1 Viletree 2 weeks ago

«Less evolved than normal humans.»

9 +1 LiveLockAndLoad 2 weeks ago

«You’ve heard of speed dating… may i present to you speed raping»

1 +1 ScreaminMime 2 weeks ago

«Someone just evoked the King's Privilege!»

6 +1 Schade27 2 weeks ago

«Whose finger was that?»

2 +1 Essohbe 2 weeks ago

«Probably not.»

16 +1 prince of trolls 2 weeks ago

«1.8 billion of these fuckers.»

21 +1 WonkasWilly 2 weeks ago

«Better the whole world burn in nuclear fire than handed over to these savages.:angry:»

20 +1 MaxiePaddy 2 weeks ago

«Is this Baltimore»

23 +1 LordTorquemada 2 weeks ago

«Repressed rapists, thousands of them, definitely a female no go area»

9 +1 912tony 2 weeks ago

«@LordTorquemada probably 999 999 in a million that are filthy bastards that'd rape anything that moves»

1 +1 HateYew 1 week ago

«@LordTorquemada explain this for women,cause most of them always react like: "white men do this also"...bullshit»

1 +1 LordTorquemada 1 week ago

«@HateYew never heard or read that by any woman about this particular act.»