This Man knows Exactly how to Treat Women..Watch the Red head Friend just Lose all Hope for Life

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I am kidding btw it's no the way to treat Women.

Was this a murder? Is he a bad pimp?
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:) 8-) ;( :D :( :O :P ;) :heart: :ermm: :angel: :angry: :alien: :blink: :blush: :cheerful: :devil: :dizzy: :getlost: :happy: :kissing: :ninja: :pinch: :pouty: :sick: :sideways: :silly: :sleeping: :unsure: :woot: :wassat:
0 +1 QGK 1 week ago

«Wtf? Haha. Then drags her by her hair, and also strangles her when he picked her up»

4 +1 sazamaza95 1 week ago

«Nothing to see here. Just a Man dragging a bitch back to the kitchen.»

3 +1 Zekedog78 1 week ago

«He's obviously had enough of their drunken nonsense.!!
She stayed after the slap, but walked off in the huff after he threw her bottle away.!

3 +1 michaelsmith007 1 week ago

«Bringing in the trash.»

1 +1 Fartcakes 1 week ago

«Typical rushin trash»

9 +1 Pablocoo 2 weeks ago

«all russians must be exterminated»

0 +1 Essohbe 1 week ago

«@Pablocoo you must be gey»

1 +1 Fartcakes 1 week ago

«@Essohbe eat shit rooster»

10 +1 Schade27 2 weeks ago

«In Soviet Russia take trash in.»

12 +1 LiveLockAndLoad 2 weeks ago

«Well if that wasn’t his sex toy… She is now»

0 +1 Zekedog78 1 week ago

«@LiveLockAndLoad let the sexy fun times begin.!»

3 +1 Nutmeg50 2 weeks ago

«You know something?? I'd have saved a good one for that twat that was holding the (I'm sure it was a camera phone) because they panned away from whatever he did to that other girl. I swear, videos like this twat put on here should be taken off because half of the most important...................was left off because the twat had a fly land on his nose and he had to flick it off, that's why you missed the whole ending. I don't know HOW shit like this makes it online.»

4 +1 Essohbe 2 weeks ago

«Should have just left her there»

1 +1 Zekedog78 1 week ago

«@Essohbe What.?? And rape her in the street.??»

9 +1 catastrophe 2 weeks ago

«the modern white man, not strong enough the pick the girl up so he assaults the other girl for helping»

2 +1 Zekedog78 1 week ago

«@catastrophe Don't worry, he'll make up for it when he finally gets her inside.!!»

15 +1 kryptor 2 weeks ago

«Sex trafficked teens abused by their handler.»

1 +1 Zekedog78 1 week ago

«@kryptor Two alcoholic Russian wasters reaping the rewards of their lifestyle.!»

13 +1 LordTorquemada 2 weeks ago

«She's out of it....he's gonna have some fun.»

1 +1 Zekedog78 1 week ago

«@LordTorquemada She's going to wake up sore all over & raw in every hole.!
If she's very lucky he'll have spat on it first.!

11 +1 carnivore777 2 weeks ago

«Meanwhile, in Russia.»

16 +1 pokahounted 2 weeks ago

«Treat like a garbage bag»

17 +1 AceCombat6842 2 weeks ago

«You know I'm laughing at this and starting to wonder when am I going to get the chance to drag one of my kids in the house when they come home sloshed!! I want my moment!!!»

10 +1 The_Carcass_Kid 2 weeks ago

«So intoxicated?»

0 +1 Zekedog78 1 week ago

«@The_Carcass_Kid Rape ready.!»

5 +1 HateYew 2 weeks ago