Machete Wielding Karen upset at Her Bad Internet Confronts Serviceman... Instant Karma Insues.

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Apparently, an aggressive woman became angry about poor internet/electricity/cable TV service to the point of pulling out her machete to try to hurt the man on the ladder who was trying to fix the issue.

She said: "you get paid and you don't do what you should do", the lady then got angry at the man filming her and took a swing at him with the machete, losing her balance and falling hard, breaking her arm.
Categories: Karen Justice & Karma
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:) 8-) ;( :D :( :O :P ;) :heart: :ermm: :angel: :angry: :alien: :blink: :blush: :cheerful: :devil: :dizzy: :getlost: :happy: :kissing: :ninja: :pinch: :pouty: :sick: :sideways: :silly: :sleeping: :unsure: :woot: :wassat:
3 +1 AdolfHitler@88 1 week ago


1 +1 QGK 1 week ago

«I thought I felt an earthquake here in the US»

0 +1 HateYew 1 week ago

«@QGK it was not an earthquake, it was just female fat falling on your planet»

1 +1 WonkasWilly 1 week ago

«Common criminal george floyd overdosed and Officer Derek Chauvin is a political prisoner fuck biden»

2 +1 Fartcakes 1 week ago

«Same shit you see at trailer parks in the south»

4 +1 Schade27 2 weeks ago

«Her prison name will be The Fatchete.»

5 +1 flash1965 2 weeks ago

«fucking woman ugly»

2 +1 Southcentraltimes 2 weeks ago

«Well it is anoying when they mess with the internet line when they charge so much hopefully she didn’t get to hurt falls can be very painful»

8 +1 Essohbe 2 weeks ago

«That is just her eating utensil.»

1 +1 prince of trolls 2 weeks ago

«she overreacted but I'd get pissed if my internet stopped working.»

0 +1 LiveLockAndLoad 2 weeks ago

«I just change provider :D»

2 +1 LordTorquemada 2 weeks ago

«I'll pass on that thing.»

3 +1 Nanker_Phelge 2 weeks ago

«Her nipples are hard.»

4 +1 The_Carcass_Kid 2 weeks ago

«Good thing for the camera to protect him.»

10 +1 southgate 2 weeks ago

«Now THAT was funny»