“Nuke Gaza now” Guy gets Rocked...Justified?

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He took the guys phone.... Um yeah...
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:) 8-) ;( :D :( :O :P ;) :heart: :ermm: :angel: :angry: :alien: :blink: :blush: :cheerful: :devil: :dizzy: :getlost: :happy: :kissing: :ninja: :pinch: :pouty: :sick: :sideways: :silly: :sleeping: :unsure: :woot: :wassat:
0 +1 GetFuktucunt 2 days ago

«Muslims and Jews don’t give two fucks about the world, so as long as ones battering the other it’s entertaining»

2 +1 WonkasWilly 4 days ago

«The punk stuck his phone in Sign Guy's face, when he did that all bets were off.»

5 +1 Essohbe 2 weeks ago

«Both dipshits are paying for it.»

7 +1 HateYew 2 weeks ago

«In Germany, Muslim attacks against Jews are viewed as right-wing extremism. So that the people think the white people did it.»

2 +1 Mr_WaxonWaxoff 2 weeks ago

«So what's the popular trend now, fuck Ukraine, which is Europe, fuck Gaza, ..., so the thing to do is side with the greater power, guilt, or innocence matters not, I realize Gaza got the ball rolling, but Ukraine did nothing but be their owm country, so if, or when putin starts in on Germany, Serbia, or Finland, Latvia, Poland, ..., fuck em', hope he nukes em'?, ..., I listened to a moron say we shouldn't have got involved in WW2, fuck Jewish people, okay, let's take them out of the Fuckening, the fucking Catholic butcher, Hitler, killed millions of Europeans, fuck em' for having small countries, fuck England, fuck France, fuck em' all?, because that is who he declared war on, Europe. He enslaved the Polish, & Austrians, & basically imprisoned France & Italy, & was bombing England to either submit, or genocide, & you are saying Hitler was right to attack Europe?, because he didn't attack anywhere else»

1 +1 KillerTurtle 2 weeks ago

«@Mr_WaxonWaxoff Gaza elected terrorists and funded them to to terrorism. Israel will not stop now that they have an excuse.»

11 +1 jfk66 2 weeks ago

«Americans with their stupid fucking signs, billboards or T-shirts. This is the result of generations of inbreeding combined with greasy fast food....Loud mouth low IQ assholes oozing idiocy.»

0 +1 WonkasWilly 4 days ago

«@jfk66 And what paradise are you commenting from? That's what we thought.»

5 +1 Taurus667 2 weeks ago

«USA became shit because of the mexicans. :woot:»

2 +1 Mr_WaxonWaxoff 2 weeks ago

«@Taurus667 Don't you find it perplexing that Mexico is being treated as 100% Innocent for letting these migrants into their country in the first place, all of this border shit is their doing, all of it, they're fucking laughing, our enemy is the one eyeballing it's territories it lost, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, & California, that's why they are letting migrants come, imagine each migrant as a weapon, & not actually having to engage us in combat, Mexico has basically been getting revenge»

0 +1 WonkasWilly 4 days ago

«@Mr_WaxonWaxoff mexico is an enemy bidenhole and should be carpet bombed.»

14 +1 BANGBANGUDEAD 2 weeks ago

«Let's hope someone ran the cunt over and he's right nuke that fucking shithole»

17 +1 patiochef 2 weeks ago

«Fuck Hamas»

16 +1 nleeklee 2 weeks ago

«pretty much nothing is justified in this world.
he shouldn't have reached for his phone. all he was doing was filming.
but the other guy.. well.. was he wrong?
no. i don't think so.
the guy literally took his phone.
just shows the old dude is a moron two times.
well.. actually three times.
1. believing israel is innocent
2. holding a sign saying so
3. taking someone's phone

25 +1 TruckerWhom 2 weeks ago

«Like some middle-eastern dude said when this started. America stay the fuck out of it. 90% of americans don't know shit about the history or the culture. Frankly, fuck them both.»

29 +1 LiveLockAndLoad 2 weeks ago

«Agreed. Fuck Jews and fuck towel heads»

5 +1 The_Carcass_Kid 2 weeks ago

«Why should Gaza be nuked?
Hasn't Izzy killed 30,000 already?

9 +1 pokahounted 2 weeks ago

«America fuck yeah the solve problems by nukes which are already in bad condition like there soldiers ISRAEL don't need you fuck face First save your self from migrants.»

3 +1 Schade27 2 weeks ago

«Freedom means you are going to have to deal with things you might not like and visa versa. Holding a sign with a triggering message on it at a busy intersection while yelling obscenities is just asking for a dude to come each other his right to defend his beliefs and have the reaction he did. Neither one of those idiots have any tact and therefore deserve to punch each other for our amusement.»

4 +1 Kief 2 weeks ago

«*Shrugs shoulders»

11 +1 MaxiePaddy 2 weeks ago

«I share his sentiment. A nuke would kill all those inbred monkeys»