POLICE STATE: Men Show Up at Person's Home Over Facebook Post About Joe Biden

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Men in regular clothing show up at a citizens door to question them about posts on social media about Joe Biden.. They say they are with the FBI, and that they do this everyday, and all day long.
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:) 8-) ;( :D :( :O :P ;) :heart: :ermm: :angel: :angry: :alien: :blink: :blush: :cheerful: :devil: :dizzy: :getlost: :happy: :kissing: :ninja: :pinch: :pouty: :sick: :sideways: :silly: :sleeping: :unsure: :woot: :wassat:
5 +1 BANGBANGUDEAD 2 weeks ago

«So this really happens or this bs? Lol fuck joe biden and fuck the fbi»

1 +1 Salinan 2 weeks ago

«idiots with their glasses»

16 +1 Mr_WaxonWaxoff 2 weeks ago

«I didn't get it until she said her name, she's a muslim, they absolutely must be watched, they 110% will suicide bomb any public event, we are a free country, & huge, we have events multiple places everyday, good to let them know we will raid & eradicate, Muslims have earned no free speach»

8 +1 Mr_WaxonWaxoff 2 weeks ago

«Fake as fuck, I say fucked up shit about Biden, no muthafuckers, especially FBI, are doing this shit»

1 +1 ScreaminMime 2 weeks ago

Threaten his life and they'll stop by.

0 +1 TruckerWhom 2 weeks ago

«@ScreaminMime Threaten what life, dude on death doorstep already.»

12 +1 St3venJacks0n 2 weeks ago

«Fuck these bastards. If she didn't encourage violence or issue a threat, the fbi would have NO reason to visit. Then they won't show id? They know what they're doing is illegal, which is why they slithered away after being confronted. The Obama/Biden regime and their "intelligence" community are trying to intimidate people into silence. That's exactly how tyranny begins, and exactly what January 6 was about. Deep staters set up the whole thing, so they could intimidate their opposition, to keep them from peaceful assembly. This, all while the left was rioting in the streets, causing billions of dollars in damages and destroying livelyhoods. The left has no logical argument, so they've resorted to violence, destruction and intimidation.»

0 +1 Nanker_Phelge 2 weeks ago

«@St3venJacks0n . They did show ID, then she ran and got her camera.»

3 +1 SmartOP 2 weeks ago

«@Nanker_Phelge But they won't show their IDs again in front of camera with their names on them. Also, they didn't gave her their business card(s) nor contact information with agent's name(s). Giving just FBI headquarter phone number is a joke as they will have no clue about this incident if you call that number. This is clearly just threat tactics and gathering information about you. Never talk to law enforcement if they are questioning you as they can use that against you.»

5 +1 LiveLockAndLoad 2 weeks ago

«Fuck Joe Biden. Fellow Americans atleast two troopers are enroute to the UK now. ya welcome ;)»

1 +1 twinkletoes 2 weeks ago

«All Redheads,,,There from Hollywood»

6 +1 Kief 2 weeks ago

«The 3rd amendment was actually the best thing ever designed, i bet the rich elites hate it»

2 +1 Nanker_Phelge 2 weeks ago

«Dumb as a bag of hammers. Exactly what I expect a trump supporter to sound like.»

12 +1 St3venJacks0n 2 weeks ago

«@Nanker_Phelge It's obviously you that's "dumb as a bag of hammers". She knew how to handle those leftist bastard speech police. They are illegitimate, and trying to intimidate people from speaking the truth about this Biden/Obama regime. Piss off back to your hole, dimwit.»

9 +1 OkieDokieSmokie 2 weeks ago

«More militias, more weapons, more tanks, more 3D printers.»

8 +1 WonkasWilly 2 weeks ago

«Support law enforcement by knowing your rights. Never talk to cops if there's a chance they'll use info against you, which is always. You are required to provide ID if pulled over in a vehicle, and if these fellows are doing a legit investigation, but nothing else. Get names, take business cards.

On a separate note, threatening biden or a real president isn't helpful.

11 +1 The_Carcass_Kid 2 weeks ago

«@WonkasWilly But it was ok to threaten President Trump on numerous occasions, as President and afterwards?»

2 +1 St3venJacks0n 2 weeks ago

«@WonkasWilly True, but I doubt these shitbags were fbi or law enforcement at all. They were probably just a leftist taskforce of illegitimate bastards, organized by communist organizations connected to the Biden regime and deep state. Think about it. The government is obviously working with facebook (a cia started social network from what I hear), to give your name and address to these groups of orchestrated harrassment. That should send shivers down every liberty loving person, that and the fact that many of the rank and file democrats approve of this.»

14 +1 Hackintosh 2 weeks ago

«These demons run the usa»