Paul Harvey Warned us back in 1993 About the Climate Hoax

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Paul Harvey Warned us back in 1993 About the Climate Hoax
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5 +1 GoonGumpas 2 months ago

«Here’s what happened after he pointed out the “hoax”

American companies lobby against Kyoto and the US votes against Climate Change in 1997 with one thing in mind, PROFIT. One of the biggest reasons they give is to save American jobs.

By 2005, over a million American jobs were outsourced to China anyway, proving American’s were lied to. China surpasses the US for emissions.

By 2011 China are now the world largest manufacturing country, over taking the US. Over 2m jobs are now lost to China.

2013 The Chinese citizens begin to protest against the Chinese government for poor air quality and severe environmental issues. It’s estimated 2m Chinese die prematurely a year due to climate change.

2017 China are now an economic powerhouse and America have become dependent on them. Nearly 4m American’s lost their jobs to Chinese manufacturing alone.

China says they will tackle climate change and become firm believers in it, having killed millions of their own people for profit.

Meanwhile back in America, major companies continued to announce record profits. The wealth gap widens each year.

Homelessness continues to be on the rise.

American wages do not increase as much to keep up with Mortgages starting a housing crisis.

The Chinese have invested over half a trillion dollars into the US housing market, causing American citizen homeownership to continue to decline.

All that’s left is a strange belief that wearing a red hat will turn back time, when things were great.

Trump tries to take on China in a trade war, which fails badly.

Coincidentally Fentanyl is flooded into the country from China, turning major cities into what looks like movie sets for Zombie films.

1 +1 SmartOP 1 month ago

«@GoonGumpas Estimated two million Chinese did NOT prematurely die from climate change. Please learn the difference between air pollution vs. climate change. Most premature death caused poor sanitation and some air pollution.»

5 +1 Nanker_Phelge 2 months ago

«He sure looks stupid now. The last 10 years have been the warmest on record with the warmest being 2023.»

4 +1 Pablocoo 2 months ago

«Ha, what a moron. I love it when clueless idiots become instant masters of science. He was utterly clueless and completely wrong then, and even more so now.»