Toxic Relationship on Steroids.... Think your Relationship is Bad?

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Dudes going to dodge a bullet in the future...Literally!
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9 +1 prince of trolls 1 week ago

«She didn't do much. The place was already a Section 8 ghetto shithole to begin with. Only thing of value was his xbox and it was probably an outdated one because he can't come up with the cash to get a new one. Now he's got a reason to upgrade jokes on her.»

11 +1 Viletree 1 week ago

«They'll be back together in a week.»

1 +1 LordTorquemada 1 week ago

«Looks to me like the morning after a good party.»

8 +1 Schade27 1 week ago

«Women will find the shit men truly care about, which, happens not be many things, but you smash the guitar he learned to play music on as a child that has become far more than a material item. It has become a child, a mentor, a deep seeded bond of love and self learning that was without a doubt something she love about the man himself. Seeing his intelligent, sensitive, and artistically deep side that resides deep inside the man, who, only pulled that side out after having and feeling a sense of love and trust between her and she knew it was what helped shape him into the man she initially loved and rewarded that independent, self-thinking man he was. Until, she one night is losing an argument so badly, so, in order to get whatever point across, smashes the fucking thing into a million little pieces, causing that dude to snap her fucking neck over a ‘guitar’, to which, people who have never had the feeling of accomplishing and loving something bigger than yourself and putting every bit of who you are into it and from it gaining so much life experience and self-expansion, only to have that become the target of a malicious, deep seeded and personal strike on such a personal level will never understand how someone could justifiably be pushed to see red and in turn vilify him. Not to say i know this situation personally, but she didnt help her cause by destroying his shit and recording it.»

2 +1 Kief 1 week ago

«@Schade27 recently divorced eh?»

5 +1 munwon 1 week ago

«he did it all for the nookie»

23 +1 twinkletoes 1 week ago

«African divorce rituals»

12 +1 LiveLockAndLoad 1 week ago

«Nothing a broken jaw wouldn't fix....»