Rogan Discusses Media Blackout over Pentagon Files Referred to as 'Biggest leak since Snowden' Showing Blueprints for Ukraine War (It was all a set up)

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???????? Holy Shit - Ukraine

Joe Rogan discusses media Blackout over Pentagon files which is being referred to as the “biggest US leak since Edward Snowden”

The documents are said to have shown the ‘Blueprints for the Ukrainian War’.

Now you understand why peace was never an option or even discussed - the Deep State - as suspected following 2014 coup, have been planning this war for a long long time.

Brick by brick, piece by piece the true nature of our reality & its history is being revealed to us.
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2 +1 Schade27 2 weeks ago

«the ‘blueprint’ of current war is EVERY war past. Yea its all a game. How could it not be? Im still waiting for this generations Lusitania, Pearl, 9/11 etc… whats it gonna be? My money is on Nukraine.»

10 +1 southgate 2 weeks ago

«These documents were leaked in 2021 and 2022, and were actually a type of war game assessments of worst and best case scenarios. This has been hashed and rehashed a thousand times»

10 +1 HorsePerson 2 weeks ago

«Well yeah, a foreign entity has corrupted our government. Of course they're going to dig through all the secrets. We're literally in the middle of a coup that is toppling our society and nation.»

10 +1 Hangthatfucker 2 weeks ago

«why do you think WE are paying for it? Thanks assholobama»