Florida Man Tries to Abduct 5 Year old Kid and Immediately Finds Out!

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Toxic masculinity saving the day once again

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – Surveillance video shows parents fighting off a 26-year-old man who tried to kidnap their 4-year-old son from a store on Thursday in Miami Beach, according to police.

It was about 11:55 a.m. A mother was walking out of the CVS Pharmacy on the corner of Collins Avenue and 74 Street in the city’s North Beach area.

Her son and her husband walked behind her.

The video shows a man who police officers identified as Nicolas Sternaman walking into the store, and quickly turning and bending down to grab the boy by the neck.

Sternaman lifted the child off the ground and turned to face the store’s door to leave when the father pounced on him and grabbed him until he let go of the boy, according to the arrest report.

The mother turned to hit the man. The boy fell on his back, but he wasn’t injured. His mother quickly picked him up and held him. Police officers reported he was frightened.

Sternaman ran away leaving his jacket behind. A witness and the father were following him southbound on Collins Avenue when he took off his sweater and threw it, according to police.

Police officers joined the pursuit and arrested Sternaman along Harding Avenue near 71st Street. He is a resident of a penthouse at the Mirador 1000, a condominium in South Beach, according to the arrest report.

Sternaman was facing felony charges of aggravated child abuse and battery.

Miami Beach police officers had arrested Sternaman for petit theft on Jan. 3 and he was released on a $150 bond, according to Miami-Dade County court records. His status hearing was at 8:30 a.m., on Thursday and his trial for the pending misdemeanor case was April 1.
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«Seems like a real bad time to pull that off. Send him back to kidnap school, err I mean prison.»

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«biden voter on the loose:woot:»

5 +1 GoonGumpas 2 weeks ago

«Typical white American man trying to fuck up a kids life.»

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«@GoonGumpas democrats aren't Americans you dumbass hick»

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«Name ends in 'Man', kid was lucky didn't end up underground some Synagogue»