Young Girl with No Adults there Tries to Exit Fast Moving Train

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Why would she even attempt something of such risk without think properly, like who does that?
Chances of her surviving is slim.
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0 +1 Viletree 2 weeks ago

«Is she trying to dodge train fees or something? Why would she jump?»

1 +1 MiddayEnglishman 2 weeks ago

«Same happened to me as a kid, got the door open, sat on the edge and my dad said "No!" but instead of watching me carry on he ripped me back inside and beat my ass.. and here I am today alive an well.»

0 +1 MiddayEnglishman 2 weeks ago

«@MiddayEnglishman Well alive at least.. lol»

2 +1 PeterTheDefeter 2 weeks ago

«natral salection»

3 +1 S_5 2 weeks ago

«There is definitely an adult there who clearly, did not give a fuck»

2 +1 flash1965 2 weeks ago


1 +1 s1driver 2 weeks ago

«My kind of girl, she is into 90's action movies!»

7 +1 twinkletoes 2 weeks ago

«There Indians around trains, what else do you need to know»

4 +1 The Seer 2 weeks ago

«When I get context I will post it unless someone else has it»