IDF Get Direct Hit By Hamas Sniper

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0 +1 dontfornot 5 days ago

«The dude prayed 99% of the video and didn't even hit his head, you stupid piece of shit.»

0 +1 Schade27 2 weeks ago

«Joobeliee what we just saw!?»

0 +1 Pablocoo 2 weeks ago

«I might knock off early today Benjamin, I'm feeling a bit off in the guts.»

2 +1 patiochef 2 weeks ago

«Nobody uses a 50 cal for sniping, that is an anti material rifle. and who cares anyway, Fuck Hamas»

5 +1 gl1tch. 2 weeks ago

«@patiochef get some military knowledge you retard before shit this garbage comment.»

8 +1 munwon 2 weeks ago

«No Matza ball soup for you :D»