Fed up Driver Spices Some Climate Cultists up with some Pepper Spray!

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0 +1 LiveLockAndLoad 2 weeks ago

«Hero. I salute you sir»

0 +1 CBDChamp1 2 weeks ago

«Right or wrong I would have knocked the shit out of that old man»

1 +1 Schade27 2 weeks ago

«Ive spiced before. It was a little different. I also volunteered to go thru the CS gas chamber twice in basic cus I was bored and Georgia is fucking hot in June. Good times.»

2 +1 cicuecalo 2 weeks ago

«Buenísimo , pero no aprenden y quieren más»

1 +1 Cripple 2 weeks ago

«He should have re-located them to block the street-car train that went by in the background.»

4 +1 asdf1743 2 weeks ago

«Climate is a fact that will wipe out humanity, not a cult or trend. braindead incels»

6 +1 S_5 2 weeks ago

«@asdf1743 People like you no longer have the same effect like you think you do. Thats what happens when you piss off and annoy random people for no reason. They get used to it. There's a new breed now, that are just killing folks randomly! For next to nothing. If you keep it up we may just see a war! Fingers crossed!»

3 +1 S_5 2 weeks ago

«@asdf1743 Just keep on being you»

2 +1 jfk66 2 weeks ago

«@asdf1743 climate is a fact. You are a smart puppy. And some fact will do the wiping.....Fuck you moron. let nature so what is does. Fucking hysteria.....»

0 +1 Thebluelion 2 weeks ago

«@asdf1743 shut your cocksucker up»

8 +1 FucYew 2 weeks ago

«Dumb fucks still go back for more.»

13 +1 Viletree 2 weeks ago

«This is brilliant. He solved our dilemma. Most people don't enjoy fighting as I do so I've been trying to figure out how to deal with these scumbags without the natural love of violence. Mace is the answer. Bear spray the pieces of shit!»

1 +1 s1driver 2 weeks ago

«@Viletree Remake every FPS shooter but add a Mace Guy. Insta Win!»