Homeless Man in Brazil saves Woman from Gunman on Church Steps and Gives His Own Life

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His name was Francisco Erasmo Rodrigues de Lima, happened in São Paulo

Dude is a straight hero. They need to build a statue in honor of him.
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0 +1 Schade27 2 weeks ago

«Hobo Bill to Vagabond Don, *swig* “Hold my flask”.»

19 +1 Nutmeg50 2 weeks ago

«You have just witnessed a man, with nothing to his name probably, get ushered straight into heaven, no purgatory, no demons to haggle and accuse him before God, nothing. Straight into the arms of warrior angels, without a second thought that carry him straight into the presence of Christ Himself. Nothing, is more perfected in love, in that someone who gives their life for the innocents! Love will cover a multitude of sins...»

5 +1 Fazer0 2 weeks ago

«@Nutmeg50 god not real, he ceases to exist now homo»

1 +1 UseOnlyInWellVentilatedSpaces 2 weeks ago

«happened in São Paulo...where else?»

12 +1 AceCombat6842 2 weeks ago

«Brothers a Legend!!!! RIP»

12 +1 Viletree 2 weeks ago

«He died a heros death.»

2 +1 Viletree 2 weeks ago

«That cop at the end trying to hype up the crowd and get them cheering.»

5 +1 Tpott 3 weeks ago

«I need a hero! I’m holding out till the end of time;;;;;;;;;;»

2 +1 MapleLeafsFan 3 weeks ago

«I remember this one . seen it on that baldheaded pricks website before he became a sellout.. :angry:»

1 +1 s1driver 3 weeks ago

«@MapleLeafsFan LMAO, something tells me the new site is still him judging by the way it looks and works. I do miss the Live shows every Thursday»

1 +1 MapleLeafsFan 3 weeks ago

«@s1driver a lot of great people were on there. The comments were just hilarious.»

0 +1 MexicanWeeg 3 weeks ago

«@MapleLeafsFan which site was thus? Fill me in please»

0 +1 MapleLeafsFan 3 weeks ago

«@MexicanWeeg Ogrish Live leak»

12 +1 Dan 3 weeks ago

«His name….was Robert Paulson»

5 +1 HelloMonkeyyy 3 weeks ago

«@Dan No his name was not Robert Paulson. The homeless man was Erasmo Francisco de Lima. This happened September 4th 2015. Another old resurrected video.»

3 +1 Dan 3 weeks ago

«@HelloMonkeyyy It's a reference to the movie Fight Club...that's all. I figured wrong that you guys would understand. But I bet some do?»