Electrician Trainer is Gonna Show the Guys how to Do It..

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Let’s just open up this high voltage panel and point some things out with this clipboard. Damn thing has metal on it.
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1 +1 MUNCHIE9000 2 weeks ago

«Not sure if it was his life but something flashed before his eyes»

1 +1 EndHumanity 2 weeks ago

«Yuri found he was a new man, when he awoke from his 7 month coma.»

5 +1 LouSaneous 2 weeks ago

«No lockout/tagout procedures there.»

6 +1 Pablocoo 2 weeks ago

«Electricity is still a new concept for most russians»

10 +1 Viletree 3 weeks ago

«I've been told that high voltage can jump a fair distance so don't even get next to it let alone poke at it with a clipboard.»

2 +1 HeroinIzMyFave 3 weeks ago

«He’s just sleepin»

0 +1 nowolf80 2 weeks ago

«@HeroinIzMyFave Thanks for helping keep the audience calm, Mr. T!»

5 +1 Lilbutterfly 3 weeks ago

«Lol You’d think he’d be more careful around something like that, while you would also think a system like that
would have better safety regulations.

2 +1 Charles Manson 3 weeks ago

«That's exactly how you do it!! I think he took a dumb in his pants.»