White Man and his Screaming Wife giving black history Month the Elbow called him Nig*er

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Beautiful. and 1 on 1!
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1 +1 Crazygazzatron 2 weeks ago

«He said worldstar LOLL»

8 +1 joemomma27 2 weeks ago

«Kill the worthless ape or maim him for life, do the world a favor»

0 +1 187leader 2 weeks ago


8 +1 FuckAmericanWhacks 2 weeks ago

«typical loud mouth piece of shit moron. they can never just SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP!!!!!»

6 +1 Mr_WaxonWaxoff 2 weeks ago

«I seen this, he was talking smack to his girl, that's it, your a pussy N*66er dude, what does Black history have to do with any of this???, what do you care about one of the top fighting units in WW1?, or flying aces in today's military?, why do you spend so much of your time on them?, the fucks wrong with you?, go tell THEM your obsession, fucking fag, jeez»

10 +1 BugsBunny2929 2 weeks ago

«Keep goin till he "RIP WIT DA HOMIES"»

13 +1 Slipperyservice 2 weeks ago


21 +1 LouSaneous 2 weeks ago

«Murder him»

28 +1 prince of trolls 2 weeks ago

«They're nothing without their gat. Even with their gat they can't shoot worth shit.»

29 +1 Viletree 2 weeks ago

«When it's unconscious practice your arm bars and leg bars on all of his limbs so he's disabled when he wakes up. It'd be funny if you bend all of his fingers backwards as well.»

55 +1 FucYew 3 weeks ago

«Fucking beautiful. 10/10»

44 +1 S_5 3 weeks ago

«This is what true beauty looks like»

21 +1 Inaminute 3 weeks ago

«I didn't see any white people in this video»

18 +1 EndHumanity 3 weeks ago

«That’s what’s up»

26 +1 RumNbass89 3 weeks ago

«Sweet juicy justice!»

2 +1 BidenHarris2024 3 weeks ago

«@RumNbass89 faggot»

15 +1 s1driver 3 weeks ago

«Let's go baby!»

29 +1 Cripple 3 weeks ago

«"Man from the Hood" just got his hood beat to a pulp!»

1 +1 BidenHarris2024 3 weeks ago

«@Cripple ide wad your pussy ass pedophile faggot fucking face into a pulp»