All Dressed Up to Hang Herself from the Toilet

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I don't have the end maybe she was rescued, maybe they cut the graphic part out?
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0 +1 JoeBlowLoverMan 2 days ago

«pretty dress tho ;)»

3 +1 BlackRoseBean 4 weeks ago

«What stupid cunt cut the video short»

2 +1 MaterBater_69 4 weeks ago

«If she wasn't such a dumb ass she still could've used the toilet for leverage»

0 +1 doobiedoodobbie 4 weeks ago

«@MaterBater_69 nope, once the fists have gone back the legs are rigid too, that happens about ten seconds in when she shows trouble. It's decerebrate rigidity.»

10 +1 george_85 4 weeks ago

«They always change their minds. Too late though.»

2 +1 Salinan 4 weeks ago

«good thing she filmed it. so we can see it»

0 +1 MaterBater_69 4 weeks ago

«@Salinan That's fucked, but sadly also true»

8 +1 LouSaneous 4 weeks ago

«Damn. And I thought she'd hold still like she meant it. Regret always seems to kick in after 5 seconds.»

0 +1 Gougeaway 4 weeks ago

«That pretty much was the end!»