What is Going on at the Moon?

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I always thought they had sort of hidden buildings n enterances on the moon. Then explosions I saw.. and ppl were saying it's plasma. Tattooed with the map of the world n so on. I dunno bossman what do some of the worlds most honest scientists say they got some explaining to do..
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0 +1 Infrontof 2 months ago

«If you don't understand?!»

8 +1 KillerTurtle 2 months ago

«Its fake as covid»

5 +1 TheFullBeanz 2 months ago

«Come on dude I thought you were better than this.»

3 +1 nsx78 2 months ago

«@TheFullBeanz A dumbass just like Alex Jones.»

3 +1 Zelzy 2 months ago

«Try lens cleaner»

13 +1 Schade27 2 months ago

«Theyre space construction vehicles because the Death Star is not yet fully operational.»

5 +1 GoonGumpas 2 months ago

«Alex_Bones you sound as crazy as the vaccinated libtards.»

4 +1 Salinan 2 months ago

«just some starlink rubbish»

1 +1 WadeBaker 2 months ago

«@Salinan Leaving shadows on the moon?»

14 +1 prince of trolls 2 months ago

«todays deepfakes AI, no one can know or better yet will know»

2 +1 Anthonyoptimo 2 months ago

«@prince of trolls

Yes, very true.

2 +1 WadeBaker 2 months ago

«@prince of trolls It's pretty old footage. It might predate the AI craze.»

11 +1 twinkletoes 2 months ago

«Anunaki Flyby, they build the pyramids»