"Shoot his Ass". It takes 12 Hollow Points to take this Maniac Down (Classic Rewind)

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Man took 14 Shots before dropping

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Full context of what happened.
The driver was shot and killed by this sheriff deputy after causing two car crashes and attacking him.

The deputy was driving on his way to work as he passed by the scene and tried to use a Taser earlier in the video (not seen here) but was unsuccessful, so he used force to protect himself and stop the attacker.
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2 +1 venomx7373 2 months ago

«In the comments of another police shooting, some fool got mad a cop unloaded on a guy killing a woman. This is proof that a few shots may not end the threat.»

0 +1 Mark_ey 2 months ago

«Ever watch that movie The Hidden»

18 +1 patiochef 2 months ago

«If he was black there would have been a riot»

5 +1 Butterdick_Jones 2 months ago

«Previously on AMC's The Walking Dead... :D»

6 +1 *TheWorldIsFucked* 2 months ago

«Should have shot him in the lower leg to incapacitate him. The assault with the rod was not life threatening. Do your fuckin job Constable»

15 +1 patiochef 2 months ago

«@*TheWorldIsFucked* You are an Idiot!!»

8 +1 medfoto 2 months ago

«Two to the chest, face gets the rest.»

0 +1 Salinan 2 months ago


7 +1 BlackRoseBean 2 months ago

«Stopped recording too early. Goddamn»