Let’s check in on Canada…

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Probably made a mean tweet or something...
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1 +1 UseOnlyInWellVentilatedSpaces 2 months ago

«Justin Trudeau travilin incognito on way to his fav porn shop»

0 +1 alias_villian 2 months ago

«i don't think a big ol' john deere tractor, is considered a good getaway vehicle, never worked in dukes of hazard or 18,000 movies nope ain't happening:silly::silly::silly:»

1 +1 CleverName 2 months ago

«I live where this happened (Vancouver). Incredible PIT maneuver by the officer, considering it's a tractor.»

5 +1 Parkins 2 months ago

«Surrey BC. "New Arrivals" thinking they can drive where and how they did in their prior country.»

0 +1 Dave63 1 month ago

«@Parkins they pretty much do in Brampton.»

0 +1 Salinan 2 months ago


1 +1 squeekytoy 2 months ago

«Would you count that as an accident caused by farm equipment.»

5 +1 Schade27 2 months ago

«Just say “soory” and theyll let ya go.»