Religious Mind Control and the Impending Holy War

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The dark cabal herding us like sheep is only able to maintain its power by staying invisible. The most effective way of maintaining invisibility is, and always has been, the art of dividing the masses. This psychological operation known as Divide & Conquer has been deployed for all of recorded history because it works. Especially with organized religion, which is ruled by dogma rather than a personal relationship with god.

Dogma is a belief doctrine dictated by a church. And if you are born into a dogmatic family, then you are raised to believe their dogma. As a result, you will see all conflicting religious dogma as evil, you will be divided and conquered.

The main religions used to divide and conquer mankind are the three Abrahamic religions.

Judaic dogma teaches the Jew that they are a member of the chosen race destined to rule over everyone else as a teacher of god’s law. Islamic dogma teaches that all of mankind must somehow submit to Islam. And while there are reportedly forty thousand different denominations of Christianity, most Christian dogma teaches that Christian’s will live in paradise for eternity while everyone else burns in hell.

Many people raised in these religions have been able to personally connect with god and liberate themselves from the divisive dogma. But many others are stuck in group-mind-think. They conflate holy scripture and a priest class with god and put their faith in a doctrine written by man. It has become the ultimate form of mind control and so whoever controls the holy land, controls the world.

In Revelation 2:9 of the King James Bible it warns of, “the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.” We are beginning to see this today with the Zionists, who say they are Jews, and are not.

With the help of the United Nations, the British Crown, the Vatican, the NAZIs, and the Rothschild banking dynasty, the land formally known as Palestine was conquered with bloodshed, lies, and bureaucracy. The Zionists, who claim to be secular, declared the land to be Israel, home of the Jews and successfully thrust the once thriving Middle East back into the Middle Ages. The relatively peaceful region was soon transformed into an unending war zone. Decades of US war crimes radicalized many of the Muslim population into becoming terrorists.

The creation of the State of Israel in 1948 would have never been successful if it were not for the Jewish Holocaust. Even though the Palestinians had nothing to do with it, the Holocaust was effectively used as an emotional excuse for what would otherwise be an illegal land grab. And while few deny that Hitler was murdering Jews, many have pointed out that six million would have been logistically impossible. So why the number six million?

For several decades preceding World War II, the Zionists repeated the mantra; Six Million, referring to the death of six million Jews. A six followed by six zeroes can also be read as sixty-six, which can be read as two-thirds. Certain radical sects of Judaism and Christianity believe that two-thirds of the Jews must perish. It appears as if the Zionists created Israel as a sacrificial altar to make this happen. Repeating the lesser-magic mantra of what they want to make manifest.

Today we are seeing Zionists begging for genocide. Calling out to “Kill them all” and gas-lighting us into thinking there never was a Palestine, while saying we should “Flatten it” and turn it into “Glass”

We are seeing Christian pastors cheer for mass murder. Pastors saying that “Israel should make the Gaza Strip a parking lot.” And several Evangelical pastors who speak as if Christ will only return if we provide him the blood sacrifice taught in their extreme dogma.

As Israel pushes forward, radicalized young Muslim men who have had their homes destroyed by American bombs are now spread throughout Western nations. The stage is set for the holy war and many are willing to murder in the name of their dogmatic beliefs.

Extremists of all three religions are being used by the hidden hand to foment this war, while the Catholic church has been making preparations for a one-world-religion solution.

Divided we will be conquered. But united we could learn to live as one. In peace. God help us all.
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5 +1 Blowjob420 2 months ago

«The truth comes out!»

4 +1 Jazzstrat57 2 months ago

«You are a typical non educated religious Zealot full of Conspiracy and religious Dogma you sad little Cunt»

0 +1 Sickbazturd666 2 months ago

«@Jazzstrat57 who sent you?... Really.»

1 +1 S_5 2 months ago

«Now let me just say, there is nothing wrong with the rosy cross, its just that some of them proclaim to be "The powers that be" really, anyone who claims to be them, should be a red flag. Knowing not to use your power is more important. But these are considered among the most high to be the ideals of the powers that be, so, yeah its them. Angelic beings really are dicks. But the books here do explain, how and why everything bad happens in explict detail, and if you dont want to know why that is, you probably shouldnt read it. Like I said I am an occultist and its so on the nose that even I have a hard time reading it. - Light on Life's Difficulties [Self Development Audiobook] by James Allen (Master level) - Can You Be Mentally Controlled? - A Rosicrucian Classic (Adept level) - The Subconscious Mind and its Illuminating Light. JANET YOUNG (Adept and potential Mastery) - Thoughts Are Things (1889) by Prentice Mulford [Read by Andrea Fiore] (Adept and potential Mastery) Not bad for a humor columnist writer except for the fact that your belief system and cause is fuddy duddy.

These books are *Apart* of the powers that be, there are many other books like these but these ones are mine. They usually reference each other or make profound proclamations. They are easy to spot out, but really, its just too easy.

Here I have linked a book which is, actually, worth your time.

1 +1 S_5 2 months ago

«I not only am in the FIC which has been the most power cult since 1953, I am also an occultist. And with the stuff at my disposal even I cant put a crack in the bell. The term "new world order" is a paradox in masonic circles. Masons run on tradition. New is one of those words that they will kill you for. So the fact that masons coined the term "New world order." Is a whole paradox. And its the reason things are the way they are now. Those 3 little words are enough to run a whole society, badly, which is intentional, but it still runs. Ive got enough tanks and ground units to do whatever I want at this point. If I want someone to get into a car accident boom I have just with a few simple code phrases. And really i mean a car accident, it just so happens Bob was on his way to work and Jim happened to be there at just the right time kind of thing. I have to wait my turn to get stuff I really want, but oh yeah I get it. I get put on a two week waiting process give or take which is pretty ideal now when I think about it. I can name the current "powers that be" right now. But I would have to dig through some documents. Their ideas are wacko doodle, just a bunch of white knights playing good guys while having horrific beliefs that some how the concept of sitting down and eating is a disgusting and sinful act. One of the books they referance, the guy was a humor columnist in the 1920's. Theyre a bunch of fuddy duddys. Their ideals are so complicated and far out there, it goes way off the wack nomitor. Prentice Milford is one author. Theres a female author who is on their side. Theres a good amount of books. I suppose I can link.. But even I had a hard time reading some of them, especially lifes hardships and its difficulties, which is a prime example of "just because its true doesnt mean its important." And that is literally my schtick in my clench for my cult, I'm a occult guy. I wouldnt re read them anytime soon, unless for a good laugh, but yes they are all firmly hold beliefs of the powers that be, most powerful books that I own, but they arent important. I would put them on the bottom shelf just because they are kooks. The top secret docs I have from the goverment are enough to do the trick. All the other stuff I have is more than enough. Ive been sitting and eating my entire life and nothing bad has ever happend. Just because you think you are the good guys doesnt mean you are the good guys. Its probably why the bad guys like me always get away with it.»

2 +1 S_5 2 months ago

«This video is true but just because its true doesnt mean its important. A warning is a warning but knowledge is like a tank. This is exactly what they want you to know so that their agenda can spread. This really is, the belief of 33 degree masons. They believe once you reach that stage there is no more improvement that is needed, and to destroy anything that is seemingly perfect.

If something is morally wrong or something is bad in general, it should always be ignored so that it stops the spread of their agenda. Under no circumstances should you try to uncover what it is that is wrong. The best way to handle those situations is to ignore them. For the same reason why taboo subjects are taboo. There is a fine line between ignoring something and burrying your head in the sand.

A good video for anyone who wants to enlighten themselves, but really ignorance literally is bliss in this kind of situation and is a solution to most of the worlds problems. Ironically most people "fighting for the cause" are the onces spreading it. Its one of those things you shouldnt really talk about. Your opening up yourself to interpretation, which always causes problems. People are taking in that knowledge which is then changed into whatever way they best want to perceive it. Its then weaponized, into whatever the hell they wanted, and they dont even know what it is that they want, it then falls back into the hands of "them" and is turned into the capital they were "wanting". Its sold back to them with a 10 percent cost increase. Thats only one outcome as to why its bad to talk about things that should not be talked about. Its a big concept in the occult, it not only puts out the fire but stops it from happening in the first place. For many reasons not just one. Silence is key no matter who you are.