Extremely Violent Arrest/Automatic Gun Fight with Cartel pent up in House

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The only thing we regret about the attack they gave to the CJNG Hitmen and the arrest of Juan Carlos Pizano Ornelas, alias "El CR" in Tapalpa, Jalisco, is that these slimies left the poor dog outside
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0 +1 DangHibindwarf2 2 months ago

«Fucking WOW»

8 +1 Dan 2 months ago

«About the source quote I noticed that about the Dog and hope that it was not killed?»

1 +1 SspinN 2 months ago

«@Dan true that hope the woofer aight»

1 +1 MP-V 2 months ago

«What's up with you guys (talking in general) and dogs?
For god's sake a woman can lick your ballz too. You shoul try it for a change.