This is where the money and aid of the UN and EU have been buried for so many years.

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This is where the money and aid of the UN, WHO and EU have been buried for so many years. This network of tunnels took years and a lot of money to build.
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9 +1 ChocolateMilk 3 months ago

«Just found out these tunnels that they alledge are under al shifa hospital and that hamas had a command center there (no proof provided of course) were actually built by israhell forces itself lul and hamas had actually cemented them months ago. Just more lies and fabrications from the supreme vermin of the world but they are just doing what their father does and cannot help themselves since it is just their nature.»

3 +1 Dr_at101 2 months ago

«@ChocolateMilk where's the proof, bud.»

14 +1 Motherfocker78 3 months ago

«The WHO and UNITED NATIONS are the largest terrorist organizations in the world along with the WEF. These organizations fund numerous other organizations and this is why they all should be bombed. You people should see what happens when the blue and white hat soldiers of the U.N. do to people. They rape little girls and boys and women then claim to have provided aid to them.»

5 +1 Salinan 3 months ago

«right so... bomb the hospital .. right?»

19 +1 ZeitgeistTruth 3 months ago

«More israeli terror force propaganda bullshit.»

2 +1 FuckAmericanWhacks 3 months ago

«looks like a seriously bustling abandoned tunnel»

15 +1 munwon 3 months ago

«Hooked nose lies»

11 +1 Dr_at101 3 months ago

«The point is the money ment to improve the infrastructure and used for humanitarian aid is stolen from the people and used to make weapons that are fired indiscriminately with no concern for civilian death from retaliatory strikes, in fact hamas depends on it so they can keep the conflict going. The hamas leaders in the UK are the ones on welfare unless we're talking about the ones living in jordan who are billionaires flyung around in private jets. Do you know where they got their riches. Israel receives defense money to defend against their neighbors, who don't care about the Palestinian and reley on their suffering as well and no matter what concessions Israeli makes for peace , one side continues to dig up grievances to justify terror attacks. As many medical, scientific and technological discoveries the Israelis come up with and give back to the world, i wouldn't call that welfare. It's a return on investment.»

2 +1 Motherfocker78 3 months ago

«@Dr_at101 exactly! The U.N. and WHO and WEF all need to be bombed into oblivion! They are run by real deal Luciferians. It doesn't matter if you or anyone else believe in Lucifer.. these folks do and do his work and conjure demons»

17 +1 ChocolateMilk 3 months ago

«It's funny you mention this becuase while these tunnels may have only cost a couple million, the zionazi satanic regime of israhell has been getting billions in welfare money and weapons from the US and other gentile vassal states yearly and they have used it to wage war and ethnicly cleans the palestinians and for terrorist attacks in countries around it.»

3 +1 phergus 3 months ago

«@ChocolateMilk Meanwhile all the hamass bigwigs have personal fortunes in the billion$ each. So much for honest dirka dirkas.»