This is Wicked Level Violence..Gangster is Paralyzed in He's a Sitting Duck

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This from Upstate NY. The fat gangster that comes back I'm sure will also be killed soon
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1 +1 michealjordan96 1 month ago

«Look at back ghetto America and look at tribal Africa and tell me you couldn't change the setting and costumes and see the same exact same 3rd world behavior.»

0 +1 Sickbazturd666 2 months ago

«Stupid fat ????»

3 +1 james57 3 months ago

«The Human race is basically Fckd up......»

1 +1 David_Jett 2 months ago

«@james57 No blacks are f-ed up»

16 +1 Fatalbert93 3 months ago

«Hold up cashier, gotta take out this ops right quick. Alright let me get 30 on pump 5...»

20 +1 medfoto 3 months ago

«Had to get some Newports at the end.:woot:»

22 +1 munwon 3 months ago

«Let me get a pack of Kools LOL»

11 +1 Dan 3 months ago

«Does he go to buy something at the end?»