He has Two Legs Now...then Drone Attack....One and a Half?

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Also new from the Russia-Ukraine Conflict
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0 +1 Random_dude 4 days ago

«You really have to avoid eastern european prostate surgery.»

0 +1 UnFunnyOne 6 days ago

«Those games today have some fucked up ragdoll effects...»

1 +1 Purger 6 days ago

«Drones make pussies out of men, I thought snipers were pussies and airforce, now we have anew winner for pussies of the century.»

3 +1 Kief 6 days ago

«I guess he wasnt playing dead then»

6 +1 hpygoluckyone 1 week ago

«Wasted an aerial grenade on an already dead guy.»