Muslim Woman Calls for MORE Rape of Jewish Woman and Murder of Jewish Babies in Vile Social Media Post.

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A woman is being severely criticized on social media for a viral video where she can be seen supporting Hamas and the October 7 massacre. The woman has been identified as Sahar Shehadeh.

She said, "I support Hamas" and "wants October 7th (in Israel) to happen 'again and again and again and again,' meaning if she can help Hamas to rape Jewish women, she will, or kill a baby, she will.

Sahar Shehadeh is a student in the advanced biotechnology program at Durham College. After the video went viral on social media, several users slammed her for her actions and for supporting Hamas and the October 7 massacre.

Several X users reacted to the surfaced video and expressed their anger. One X user wrote, “If a college doesn’t throw out scum line this, all gov funding should be immediately cut off.”
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:) 8-) ;( :D :( :O :P ;) :heart: :ermm: :angel: :angry: :alien: :blink: :blush: :cheerful: :devil: :dizzy: :getlost: :happy: :kissing: :ninja: :pinch: :pouty: :sick: :sideways: :silly: :sleeping: :unsure: :woot: :wassat:
0 +1 EVAZAN 1 week ago


1 +1 Nofuckinway 3 months ago

«Run your fuckin mouth like that on their ground,i dare you!»

3 +1 dontfornot 4 months ago

«I'm sure this bitch has an onlifance, unlike Palestinian women, she has cosmetics»

9 +1 Viletree 5 months ago

«The title should be, Ugly unibrow subhuman primate tries to use makeup and language to look more human but fails miserably. I wonder if this raghead bitch married he cousin or he brother to give them the sloppy seconds of her father.»

4 +1 Viletree 6 months ago

«He people are cave dwelling inbred, primitive subhumans who can't learn to live in a civilized world. Her prophet is a failure and they have no connection with God. All of her ancestors are rotting in Hell. God has blessed my people with peace and prosperity while her people live like rats with no souls.»

4 +1 Lidochef 6 months ago

«I'd like to bend her over and show her some modern day history!!»

7 +1 Scorpio@ 7 months ago

«Is this the heroic Hamas who are beating civilians and robbing aid from them omg this silly bitch thinks shes somethin' special its hilarious. I suggest you bend over love and do as your Hamas pricks tell you to do. We live free in a world without chains i must say i am just so sick of these retards chanting utter shit from their clapper flappers»

10 +1 Motherfocker78 7 months ago

«All those that wear head coverings like this do so as a diaper to keep the shit from falling out all over the place.»

21 +1 Motherfocker78 7 months ago

«Funny stuff coming from a culture of men that rape and disfigure and do honor killings of all females.»

14 +1 darnyit 7 months ago

«This is also a sick person. Mentally. Anyone who thinks like this should be shut away from society.»

10 +1 Hard1234 8 months ago

«Little Miss Camel Jockey should be using that mouth and lips to suck off more goats.»

9 +1 CarlDane 8 months ago

«LOL I WOULD NOT be surprised nor would i give a fuck if this "THING" got gangraped and left in a ditch somewhere.»

15 +1 Fuck Feminism 8 months ago

«The hijabi hoe should be whipped and gangr@ped as a lot of people would support that too. But just doing the deed wouldn't be enough, it should be broadcasted in split screen alongside this video.»

10 +1 Blowjob420 8 months ago

«I'd hit it»

15 +1 jfk66 8 months ago

«She has a big nose in a fat face.....go away evil witch...»

6 +1 squeekytoy 8 months ago

«What were born brain dead or did you have to work at it? Either way it worked out just fine.»

8 +1 FucYew 8 months ago

«STFU with your bullshit title.»

17 +1 markus_compton 8 months ago

«Cut the shit, No evidence for "Rape of Jewish Woman and Murder of Jewish Babies", there are no videos of such things. It's all the Satanic Zionist propaganda.

On the other hand, there are hundreds of videos of Palestinian babies and women murdered due to Zionist airstrikes.

2 +1 Blummer82 5 months ago

«@markus_compton air strikes you say? Try to be a little more honest with yourself and tell the full story ..... start by where Hamas or hezbolla or pla firing a barrage of rockets into the Israeli civilian suburban areas and how many of those rockets malfunction and land not far from where’s they are launching these missiles from the where there should be no military equipment and
no military operations should be conducted from, so yup uh or those

0 +1 Blummer82 5 months ago

«* so hopefully you hot those stats available an could mention those as well... if not, then you are just another indoctrinated poephol who likes to play victim.....»