Captured Nukhba (Hamas elite forces) from the October 7 Attack gives Important Intel

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Captured Nukhba (Hamas elite forces) from the October 7 attack
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1 +1 slugzy 1 week ago

«20% of isralies are arab!! show the dude's face..... this could be a stone thrower from the west bank, told say this and we'll let you go!»

4 +1 squeekytoy 1 week ago

«Yeah and HAMAS only fights for freedom, they and their religion believe they are making them close to Allah. Here's a thought for ya, what if there is no God?»

0 +1 Purger 1 week ago

«@squeekytoy All religion should be outlawed all over the world, have a court case and let all the religious leaders present their evidence. And if they can't prove without a doubt their merits of their cases. Then buh-bye religions.»

2 +1 Libertine42 1 week ago

«You are naive beyond comprehension @Purger»