Shooter Kills Student: This Girl might have Lived if she put her Cell Phone Down

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Even if she had both hands free she wouldn't have been able to.
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1 +1 CarlDane 5 days ago

«shooter=worthless little "FAGGOT".!!!:angry:»

1 +1 Parkins 6 days ago

«Dam... put 2 rounds in her before she even hit the floor.»

9 +1 thecursor 1 week ago

«That was his ex-girlfriend so there was nowhere for her to run where he wouldn't find her. She could have been safe had the police picked him up on any of his four active warrants but just like the cops here in the States, no one takes things seriously until someone gets killed.»

2 +1 St3venJacks0n 1 week ago

«She actually filmed him, right up to when he shot her. I wonder if she could've gotten away, before this, had she run instead of instead of streaming.»

0 +1 Schade27 1 week ago

«I am man. she could have had eight arms and id have pushed the door open while reloading. Biology is what it is. Plus, see how much determina- never mind, thats not a word ive heard them use. Only independent because theyre actually extremely dependent. Like when a persons says “im not racist” because they obviously do racist shit.»

3 +1 Jelenic 1 week ago

«Man thats a waste»

1 +1 fightfire_withfire 1 week ago

«@Jelenic never heard the term "wasted" before?»

7 +1 ClownWorldAmbassador 1 week ago

«Gunman = POS coward. Hope he self-terminated to save taxpayers a few mil.»

1 +1 Blowjob420 1 week ago

«Could have took her as a concubine»

7 +1 WadeBaker 1 week ago

«Where is this shit happening at?»

1 +1 eyesore 1 week ago

«For Love , Inheritance or Testimony? Cause it sure wasn't for the expensive phone»

2 +1 Horses4Eva 1 week ago

«Even if she did put the phone down and tried to hold the door the shooter would have fired through the door likely hitting her.»

3 +1 Damien-Holland 1 week ago

«She stood a chance but she'd need to run as fast as possible using both hands for momentum. Holding a phone like that won't do it.»

0 +1 S_5 1 week ago

«Haha Got You :D»

8 +1 hpygoluckyone 1 week ago

«She was dead even if she had 4 hands. The gunman had advantages in several areas: size, weight, firepower and most importantly, he had a nicer purse than she did.»

1 +1 landofwarriors22 1 week ago

«iPhone is expensive!»