Self-Snitching Moron Brags on Social Media in Same Clothes after Killing Rival.

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1 +1 GrumpyBear 1 week ago

«“How do we help purrrrents?”»

3 +1 TheFullBeanz 1 week ago

«Those damn white supremacist are at it again.»

8 +1 hpygoluckyone 1 week ago

«They brighten up every place and neighborhood, don't they. Just a ray of sunshine. Speaking of The Sun, I think they should all be put on rockets and sent straight into The Sun.»

17 +1 ClownWorldAmbassador 1 week ago

«This is why Segregation needs to be reinstated.

Multiculturalism and DIEversity are both massive failures and the c***s pushing both on Whites damn well know it.

13 +1 Frerty 1 week ago

«You can't take Africa out of the blacks. Look at South Africa. America . Europe there the same we're ever they go»

16 +1 VeryFamous123 1 week ago

«this is why blacks are where they are at on the totem pole, life is cheap, fuk him»

12 +1 Peter-Pan-The-Flying-Man 1 week ago

«What we are seeing, is the result of (and the beginning of a new era), social media brainwashed mothers, brainwashed from an early age, now having delinquent children, brainwashed by social media and the raised by a fucked up mother with no value to life»

4 +1 sapro 1 week ago

«So much stupidity for such a young age.»