Couple both Caught Cheating in Church...Girl Rudely Iinterrupts the Whole Service

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Giving her the horns right at mass.
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5 +1 Mongrel Murray 1 week ago

«Oh my God Jesus fucken Christ almighty, all those stupid fools wasting their lives believing in all that religion god Jesus crap»

5 +1 Dan 1 week ago

«Im talkin about the girl in the white dress. She can't even get up and face the music? (No pun intended)

But what a bitch

1 +1 ubi 1 week ago

not a bitch and she is facing the music.
YOU do not know that she was involved with a male who's family were left behind.
likewise neither do I , but i am betting your left nut that she is an innocent.

8 +1 The Seer 1 week ago

«How dare you bring that nonsense near God. You better repent. All of them.»

5 +1 MapleLeafsFan 1 week ago

«I told a religious person once Jesus sure liked his wine and hanging out with hookers. The guy got all biblical on my ass. Everybody in the room had a good laugh..:angel:»

3 +1 Salinan 1 week ago

«god is dead»

8 +1 fightfire_withfire 1 week ago

«i see why he cheated»