Aluminum Bat and Knife all over a Free Parking Spot in NYC (Info in Description)

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Two people have been arrested after they were filmed carrying out a brutal and sickening bat attack on a man in the middle of a Queens street over a parking spot.

Authorities said the attack - which happened Friday on 49th Street in Sunnyside - left the unidentified victim with brain damage and on a ventilator.

Alleged attackers Arturo Cuevas, 30, and Daisy Barrera, 27, can be seen in the video ruthlessly hitting and kicking the 28-year-old man in broad daylight.
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2 +1 lordzedd 1 week ago

«So glad NYC is a gun-free zone.»

1 +1 FuckCops 1 week ago

«Dan back at it again with the old videos»

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6 +1 prince of trolls 1 week ago

«If that was really only for a parking space, people have really lost their minds. How does one get that far in life and decide to end everything for that?»

1 +1 SmartOP 1 week ago

«@prince of trolls : Welcome to New York City. And it's getting worse day by day.»

4 +1 Jelenic 1 week ago

Let them rot in jail
That bitch should be lynched

5 +1 BlackRoseBean 1 week ago

«I swear I see at least 3 videos a day with which I think to myself: Man, I would have had my 9mm out so fucken fast!»

13 +1 eyesore 1 week ago

«The wonderful stench of diversity»