Disgusting: Man Sentenced to 7 Years In Prison For Knocking a Kid Out As He Dances In The Street

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Man who sucker-punched dancing boy sentenced to 7 years

The man who randomly sucker-punched a 12-year-old boy who was dancing on a sidewalk was sentenced to seven years is prison.

Cedric Moore changed his plea from not guilty to guilty earlier this month and was sentenced by a judge for second-degree assault in Cape Girardeau.
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«Ofcourse it's all they do»

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«Argument #9,853,822 to bring back Segregation.»

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«Of course it was a sucker punch, coward.»

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«That's when it should be legal for a witness to whip out a firearm and neutralize this piece of shit»

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«Mongrel got time, HaH, yea I believe that»

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«A COWARD PUNCH. he ran like the gutless coward that he is.»