Iranian Woman Explains the Delusion of Westerners Supporting Hamas.

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Iranian woman speaks from experience and explains the delusion of westerners supporting Hamas.
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1 +1 ubi 4 months ago

«@ 58 seconds she mentions her 6 million ancestors (big family!) having been murdered.
She is jewish and was born on Iran ?

6 +1 SspinN 6 months ago

«German women were raped by the Russians and Americans after ww2.»

1 +1 scud69 3 months ago

«@SspinN WTF does that have to do with Muslims at this point in time? Unless you think that gives them free passage to do it now? Brain dead liberal cunt»

20 +1 St3venJacks0n 6 months ago

«She's on the money, islam and it's adherents are enemies of all the civilized world. That is why progressive governments connected to the nwo/wef/un have been forcing nations to take in muslim "refugees" by the millions. "Palestinians", a fictional people also from the surrounding nations, are the same thing to Israel. They're an army within their borders, against them. They're all meant to destroy the nations they were sent to. Both islam and progressivism are enemies of all liberty worldwide, which is why they've joined forces.»

0 +1 탁탁탁 6 months ago


2 +1 nleeklee 6 months ago

«she could have saved a lot of time if she would have just said.. 'i'm full of it.'
we know she's full of it.. but still.. next time.. bitch.

21 +1 jfk66 7 months ago

«I could comfortably live without both groups....»

4 +1 graphicism 7 months ago

«Temple Mount (Jewish) is 666 nautical miles from the Kaaba at Mecca (Gods house).»

3 +1 MP-V 6 months ago

«@graphicism Number of the beast? nautical miles?
I bet you can't even tell a definition of nautical mile.
And even if you could..... the distance is 668.24

5 +1 Inaminute 7 months ago

«It's the end od the world as we know it»

11 +1 Salinan 7 months ago

«there we go again. the ultimate jew gass chamber freepass to supress and kill civilians and call your opponent a terrorist (and when you are western they can't call you a terrorist so you're antisemitic)»

5 +1 Libertine42 7 months ago

«She made good points then fucked it up chatting 6 million bs @Salinan»

1 +1 Vilas00 7 months ago

«@Salinan you and your terrorist friends will meet in hell soon»

0 +1 scud69 3 months ago

«@Salinan Hamas were forcing civilians to stay in Gaza so they could use them as martyrs when Israel struck. Israel gave them forewarning when they were going to strike. Hamas didn't do that on Oct 7th when they beheaded children at a music concert and fired rockets killing 1200 people overnight. But now they're having their asses handed to them want to cry to the rest of the world to get Isreal to stop. Fuck em, Isreal will decide when they've had enough. I hope the IDF can rid the world of as many of the inbred cunts as possible, they're the largest threat to civilized society.»