(FULL) Chicago Police Officer shot and killed a 13 Year old Boy armed with a Gun. Footage from March 29,2021 is GRAPHIC

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Few sites that have the full video
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15 +1 cpartida 1 week ago

«For those of you talking bs about this old article. Police recovered a pistol the kid had a tossed behind the fence he standing by in the video. Answer this: What is a 13 year old doing at 0230 on the streets of downtown Chicago with a pistol?»

4 +1 Mark_ey 1 week ago

«I didn't see a gun looked like a panic shot bullet hit him in the heart area»

3 +1 SmartOP 1 week ago

«@Mark_ey : This happened several years ago. Kid did have a gun. Slow motion will show the kid turning around with the gun in his hand. Happens very fast (kid turned with gun in his hand and threw it behind that white fence.) This kid and I believe his uncle was shooting around behind alley and a park.»

1 +1 hpygoluckyone 1 week ago

«Hmmmm. no gun. Did he shoot him in his mouth? Good shootin' Tex! None of the other cops want to be around that dude. He's radioactive right now. :dizzy:»

4 +1 SmartOP 1 week ago

«@hpygoluckyone : Old video. This happened several years ago. Kid did have a gun. He threw it behind that white fence as he was turning around. Police was called because this kid and I believe his uncle was shooting around behind alley and the park.»

0 +1 TheFullBeanz 1 week ago

«@hpygoluckyone you're a goof»

8 +1 flattus1978 1 week ago

«Thats murder or manslaughter. Kid gave his hands as asked»

1 +1 Borzuka 1 week ago

«@flattus1978 Yup»

8 +1 ClownWorldAmbassador 1 week ago

«Perfectly clean shoot. Cop saved not only himself but who knows how many innocents in the future. Anyone of any age stupid enough to shoot at police deserves what they get.»

1 +1 FuckAmericanWhacks 1 week ago

«@ClownWorldAmbassador clown indeed»

1 +1 ClownWorldAmbassador 1 week ago

«@FuckAmericanWhacks Whacks on? Whacks off!»

4 +1 cpartida 1 week ago

«@ClownWorldAmbassador Crime prevention. Kid would've died within the next 2 years anyways.»

10 +1 prince of trolls 1 week ago

«The last government job you'd want involves significant risks at this level coupled with no respect. Not only could you face termination for seemingly trivial reasons, but there's also the potential danger of losing your life or ending up in prison due to shifting political trends. Even if you were fortunate enough to avoid death, making the best of your life behind bars is a challenging prospect. You become a vulnerable target, surpassing even the challenges faced by individuals with reprehensible offenses like child rape. Daily interactions with the public subject you to constant harassment from both extreme right and extreme left perspectives. There's no way I would take on such a position, even if offered a million dollars a year.»

3 +1 Dan 1 week ago

«Wow, everyone wants to be a Cop, well at least WANTED until the world fell apart»