Did White Boy need to Kill Him Over This?

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This is why we’re told to keep our hands and feet’s to ourselves

He was defending his property. I'd like to see how this plays out in the courts
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14 +1 Butterdick_Jones 1 week ago

«Dindu Nuffin fvcked around and found out. :ermm:»

4 +1 BannedGarcia 1 week ago

«He's justified cause he's white & superior lol scumbag»

8 +1 ZeitgeistTruth 1 week ago

«Thats about a 7.9 in the FaFo scale.»

8 +1 Ficker 1 week ago

«Well yeah»

20 +1 TheFullBeanz 1 week ago

«Why not? He was protecting his property.»

35 +1 ringza 1 week ago

«if it was a black guy shooting white guy doing that all charges dropped. This guy is probably going to get time for this because hes white.»

0 +1 macklinjasper139@gmail.com 1 week ago

«@ringza stupid»

31 +1 Whitemyass 1 week ago

«I'd shoot a white or black guy who fucks around.»

15 +1 moghaazi 1 week ago

«What a big shit country, they kill themself everyday for uselses reasons.»

0 +1 macklinjasper139@gmail.com 1 week ago

«@moghaazi Should be you»

26 +1 TrueObserver 1 week ago

«Shoot him some more before he utters the I can’t breathe quote»

21 +1 wrath04 1 week ago


21 +1 cpartida 1 week ago


20 +1 lordzedd 1 week ago


55 +1 hpygoluckyone 1 week ago

«"Did White Boy need to Kill Him Over This?" YES! Next stupid question?»

55 +1 Jamezz 1 week ago

«I'm more than happy to leave blacks to urban inner cities. They're a violent species by design and influence with minimal capability to harness a toddler level of intelligence. They act on oblivious emotional input and anger and violence are the only output. It's funny they say white nationalism is the largest threat but being proud of your heritage and culture is not bad. The funny part is the largest threat to Americans are these African immigrants»

3 +1 eyesore 1 week ago

«@Jamezz Under developed frontal lobes in Africans, with the little Notion 'filtering most all' emotions will go straight into Activity. Good for hunter/gatherer tribal society maybe definitely Not for civilization.»

0 +1 macklinjasper139@gmail.com 1 week ago

«@Jamezz but white people go into school and kill little kids. Wow»

30 +1 Jamezz 1 week ago

«Because they are deeply troubled creatures and have no accepted place in the world except from being in the company of similar degenerates. They are mostly avoided an people look away in disgust upon seeing their often times weird physique and brutish facial features..This leads to frustration, envy and hatred towards humans with purpose like family, jobs and all around usefulness. Lots of Trannies commit suicide because of this dead end street....(pun intended)»

41 +1 Disgruntledcitizen15 1 week ago

«First of all WHITEBOY is a racist word just like the N-word. These thugs like to intimidate white people. So yes he did do the right thing. It would have escalated until Tyrone's Boyz done show up yo and den WHITEBOY would have been jumped for real for realz. Plus Tyrone was probably packing anyway.»

11 +1 Razgendal 1 week ago

«@Disgruntledcitizen15 spot on about the whiteboy term, you get banned on this website for saying the n word (no even the demeaning version of it but the ethnic term, like you would say "caucasian";), but anti white racism is tolerated everywhere and it's pissing me off to no end.»

24 +1 ClownWorldAmbassador 1 week ago

«How tragic. Segregation would've saved the young scholar's life.»

0 +1 moghaazi 1 week ago

«@ClownWorldAmbassador Go flip the burgers»

32 +1 Adolf Eichman 1 week ago

«Very good double tap.
Personally, I'd have emptied the full mag into his twitching corpse, just to be sure.

21 +1 eyesore 1 week ago


27 +1 Essohbe 1 week ago

«1 down, 1 billion more to go.»

27 +1 OkieDokieSmokie 1 week ago

«That’s how they all need to be taught civility. Control your anger, emotions, and outbursts. Be civil. That’s the main difference between us…civility. Remember, we were Vikings once too.»

11 +1 Dan 1 week ago

«He was protecting his property. Im just not sure how the DA will call this one»

4 +1 SmartOP 1 week ago

«@Dan : You can't use deadly force to protect property in all 50 states.»

31 +1 FucYew 1 week ago

«Blacks do this all the time and for much less.»

1 +1 moghaazi 1 week ago

«@FucYew Appeal to tradition»

1 +1 eyesore 1 week ago

«@FucYew Under developed frontal lobes in Africans, little notion 'filtering' sends emotions straight into Activity.»

23 +1 Razgendal 1 week ago

«That's euthanasia of a black "chimp" by white "boy" in my book.»