This Video is Graphic, Warning 18+ Only....From Gaza

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From Source: What is the crime of this little innocent children
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3 +1 TheFullBeanz 1 week ago

«Lol thats what happens when you support terrorists and terrorism!»

4 +1 wrath04 1 week ago

«Were you not told to leave?? But you didn't leave and you made a bad choice, now live, or die with that terrible decision of yours.»

0 +1 TheFullBeanz 1 week ago

«@wrath04 they aren't allowed to leave or they'll be killed which is probably what this video is.»

4 +1 cpartida 1 week ago

«This video was funded by Democrats.»

7 +1 Ruby_King 1 week ago

«You can spread sweets on the streets like you did on 9-11 and again on 10-7. This is the only language you pigs understand. Get out of my lands and go back to Syria where you came from. ????????????????????????????????????????????»

2 +1 ChocolateMilk 1 week ago

«The demons that possess all of the zio natzi goblins in and outside of israel must be pleased with their people. Hopefully those children didn't suffer too much.»

11 +1 Frerty 1 week ago

«Their all mad cause of Muslim inbreeding. Genetic studies on Arabs refers to the analyses of the genetics of ethnic Arab populations within the Middle East and North Africa. The Arab world has one of the highest rates of genetic disorders globally; some 906 pathologies are endemic to the Arab states,»

6 +1 Mark_ey 1 week ago

«Nuke Israel»

1 +1 fightfire_withfire 1 week ago

«@Mark_ey aren't you supposed to be protecting your precious Gaza strip? Shut the fuck up you muslim scum bag. Go fuck a goat»

12 +1 ClownWorldAmbassador 1 week ago

«ham-ass attacked Israel? That wasn't too smart.»

8 +1 Adolf Eichman 1 week ago

«Muslim and Juden. Both are undesireable and need to be exterminated.»

5 +1 Essohbe 1 week ago

«The best thing about nukes is that it takes everyone out and immediately. Nobody left to harbor I'll will for the other side. One well placed hydrogen bomb can fix the entire shit hole forever.»

3 +1 Ms.Blood 1 week ago

«I just dont agree with any of it. Anyone who can kill kids is evil. Considering both sides have just leaves me speachless...»

3 +1 FucYew 1 week ago

«This is how a Hamas member is created, these fucking Jews are doing more harm than good for every bomb they drop, every Palestinian killed they've just created more Hamas soldiers.»

0 +1 Essohbe 1 week ago

«@FucYew that's what I said. But it goes for both sides.»

3 +1 Allahusnackbar 1 week ago

«He is saying:
"Please, this is enough, God help me, Please, People, this cannot be real"

0 +1 flattus1978 1 week ago

«We need a translator. Need to know what he's saying. I dunno wtf to think.....»

0 +1 Allahusnackbar 1 week ago

«@flattus1978 He is saying:
"Please, this is enough, God help me, Please, People, this cannot be real"

13 +1 OkieDokieSmokie 1 week ago

«Karma tastes like Chicken.»

9 +1 UnFunnyOne 1 week ago

«He's screaming "Meat! Meat! I have plenty of meat to eat!"»