OMG: Vivek Just Went Scorched Earth on this CNN Hack.

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WATCH: CNN hack reporter just tried to bait Vivek into turning on Trump

Instead, Vivek instantly flipped the script on her leaving her in shocked bewilderment on LIVE TV— PURE FIRE. ????

"You know what's vermin? What's running around San Francisco on any given day before Gavin Newsom cleaned it up on a dime to roll out the red carpet for Xi Jinping."
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0 +1 Butterdick_Jones 1 week ago

«Another great lesson of Vivek. :woot:»

1 +1 ubi 1 week ago

«He's right.
Not saying "electable" tho'.
This idea of pulling a short phrase from the vagina or arsehole is a favorite trick of journalists and
I have noticed the same tricks being pulled particularly by journalists who have spent much of their career at Fox News.
Not necessarily still AT Fox News but started their career there and now moved on to other places.

1 +1 123yep 1 week ago

«What's vermin is the population of subspecies in his country of origin. Why isn't he running for president in hindustan?»

14 +1 Whitemyass 1 week ago

«This guy could change usa»

0 +1 Hard1234 1 week ago

«@Whitemyass Not for the better.»

14 +1 Whitemyass 1 week ago

«This guy's knows what's up»

0 +1 Hard1234 1 week ago

«@Whitemyass He doesn't know who or what's up his ass.»

5 +1 ClownWorldAmbassador 1 week ago

«Vivek talks a good game but "tough talk" is the most we ever get from p***y republicans.»

10 +1 Salinan 1 week ago

«hahaha don't givem time to put out stupid inflammatory questions»

21 +1 FuckAmericanWhacks 1 week ago

«This dumb bitch, rofl, like a trained dog that can't comprehend anything other than "Fetch"!»

2 +1 hpygoluckyone 1 week ago

«Some observations:

1. Antifa isn't a group, it's an idea. It has no organization and has no headquarters like Proud Boys, Hells Angels, or BLM.
2. Vivek is an idiot.
3. I actually agree with Vivek (somewhat) on what he is saying. To be clear., the orange blow fish really is the Hitler of our time.
4. People are starting to wake up (except morons without a brain) to the fact that the orange Hitler is actually duplicating Hitler and his sayings and thoughts from the late 1920s and 1930s. Stop him now, or pay the price later!

8 +1 ClownWorldAmbassador 1 week ago

«@hpygoluckyone I get hating Trump for being obnoxious at times, but I liked the booming economy, cheap gas and no wars we had during the Trump years. RECORD-BREAKING INFLATION means that everything costs 40% to 75% more with fuckface biden, a totally corrupt failure.»

0 +1 Hard1234 1 week ago

«@ClownWorldAmbassador 40% - 75% more? How fucking stupid are you? Latest figures - 3.8%.»

3 +1 MP-V 1 week ago

"Antifa is an idea" .... sure it is, fascists capitulated 80 years ago so you and your leftard friends are fighting nothing and you are anti-everything that is normal and descent.
Call yourself whatever you want it doesn't change the fact you are modern communist full of crap commie 'ideas'.

Vivek is idiot but you somewhat agree on what he is saying?
Off course you do you ignorant twat...... like all leftards you cant make a statement without refuting it in the very next sentence.

And the Trump is duplicating Hitler in his sayings... really?
If l remember correctly Hitler came from your leftard camp.
That "stop Trump now or pay the price later" is hilarious. What are you... 9 years old?
Stop embarrassing yourself.

0 +1 RumNbass89 1 week ago

«@MP-V Well said sir!»

0 +1 Schade27 1 week ago

«@MP-V Im no fan of any ‘isim or ‘racys as far as im concerned, but capitalists have confidence and that always beats indecision and indecisiveness. They are open and upfront about who they are and what they want. Im not even sure if the socialists know what theyre trying to achieve. No governing body will give you the freedom we really deserve or could have or they wouldnt be governments, theyd be… well i dont know, we arent taught about how humans ever got along without being governed, but i know i dont need that large of a governing body to feel safe and not murder my neighbor. Thats just me.»

9 +1 FuckAmericanWhacks 1 week ago

«@hpygoluckyone antifa isnt a group? Hmmm. then what are all those groups of antifa doing protesting? Seems ur the idiot»

11 +1 Jasondr91 1 week ago

«Talk about leaving a black woman speechless! :devil:»

26 +1 Hb.logga 1 week ago

«Fuk the media»

2 +1 Hb.logga 1 week ago

«@Hb.logga ...shame bitch»