Gargantuan Trans Melts Down on a Plane after being 'Misgendered'

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Lost soul corrupted by demons
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0 +1 rdavid 1 week ago

«She'll be arrested when she lands. Oh forgot he'll be arrested. Then thrown in jail.»

1 +1 Nolimits1 1 week ago

«Dominican crap.. Send that mut back swimming»

2 +1 wrath04 1 week ago

«Sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up, lady, Jesus fucking Christ what a windbag.»

7 +1 alias_villian 1 week ago

«the hair he looks like krusty the klown somebody give him some green hair dye and some pants or a dress and size 46 shoes the big clown kind:silly::silly::silly:»

11 +1 Salinan 1 week ago

«prove delivered that genderism is mental disorder»

8 +1 squeekytoy 1 week ago

«For safety's sake they should issue flight crews with dart guns tipped with incapacitating drugs. One quick shot with the dart would instantly eliminate any any threat to passenger safety.»

12 +1 OkieDokieSmokie 1 week ago

«Trans mental africasism-is a real disease, and it should be taken seriously!»

12 +1 UnFunnyOne 1 week ago

«What is that afro-chimp?»

18 +1 Peter-Pan-The-Flying-Man 1 week ago

«God almighty, how I would love to just punch one of these cunts...right in the fucking face»

7 +1 Glendonagasaki 1 week ago

«But apart from that it's happy? :D»

6 +1 SquidwardBussy 1 week ago

«The seat punching lmfaao»

8 +1 Nanker_Phelge 1 week ago

«some people just need to play the victim»