What would you do if your Husband was now your Wife?

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Watch the Woman...she doesn't look directly at the camera.
This poor girl is in so much pain and it’s easy to see. Her marriage is based on a sick lie, and she’s been manipulated and deceived by this disgusting man. At what point has he even considered her and the child, and what this has done and will do to them?
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0 +1 9STUFFMN 2 months ago

«freak shows dissappeared because too much compitition»

0 +1 LiveLockAndLoad 2 months ago

«LOL thought it was a joke at first... Jesus christ. Well if ya need dick mines intact»

3 +1 Allahusnackbar 3 months ago

«wtf is this»

3 +1 jfk66 3 months ago

«Why not, they are married siblings.....Obviously. And in their county legal and common .;):heart:»

5 +1 St3venJacks0n 3 months ago

«Can you imagine? "Honey, I'm going to pick up some pizza and beer, be back in a bit. Oh yeah, I'll be getting breast implants and my dick inverted into a coochie in a few days. See ya later."»

1 +1 Horses4Eva 3 months ago

«One day I hope to have a beautiful Israeli woman . A real woman. Not one of these transvestites or copy and paste tik Tok clones with 500 pounds of make up on with fake eyelashes.»

2 +1 munwon 3 months ago


5 +1 StillHuman 3 months ago

«Atrazine in the food and water feminizes males.»

9 +1 Nutmeg50 3 months ago

«I thought I've seen some devastating things, but this pretty much puts everything else to "shame" and I don't mean that in any light terms. As if children aren't confused enough, you get THIS. This twat-to-be married this girl, had a child, and now decides....ooops....sorry.....and she's suppose to go along with this? I wonder if this twat has a job, cause he's gonna need it, and don't worry, if they were married in church, this will go to the head of the pile for annulments. This has passed the point of sad. This is TRAGIC on all fronts. We as a nation, those who do these things, those who go along supporting this sort of thing....are in a world of trouble.»

10 +1 nyclposter 3 months ago

«Lady, you married a LOSER, time to kick him to the curb....»

8 +1 Salinan 3 months ago

«kick him out loser lady»