Guy Realizes he Can't Buy a Single Thing in a Supermarket While Boycotting Jews

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Gonna have to eat and drink air now.

Hamas lovers will be going to be hungry tonight and every night since, apparently, every company either has Jews working at it, running it or support Israel.
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1 +1 Hangthatfucker 3 weeks ago

«Guess you guys are stuck eating dicks»

2 +1 LiveLockAndLoad 2 months ago

«If that were my shop id say get ya dirty fucking hands off everything if ya not buying anything»

5 +1 ringza 3 months ago

«im going to buy 2 of everything on this list just so it offsets the idiots who boycott these products.»

2 +1 cretaoRIP 3 months ago

«Bravo hamas and all pig eaters died»

4 +1 Hb.logga 3 months ago

«Again gets me thinking there's more reason too it why Adolf was trying to wipe them out ????»

9 +1 Blowjob420 3 months ago

«The Jewpies own everything including me and you.»

8 +1 AceCombat6842 3 months ago

«Oh fucking well! Guess you shouldn't have picked a fight with somebody who literally encircles you. You fucked around now you are finding out lol»

4 +1 Tracy@Smothers 3 months ago

«Stop stirring the pot, dude. You’re keeping the button pushed.!

Stop using religion
Stop using weaponry
Start making love…

11 +1 jackwise 3 months ago

«Well, what do ya know. Those worthless Palestinian goatfuckers don't produce anything useful - just terrorism. The world won't miss them one bit once they've been eradicated.»

8 +1 prince of trolls 3 months ago

«Try some of the Ethiopian soup provided by Feed the Children.»

10 +1 jfk66 3 months ago

«Palestinians are off the list. No soup forr youu !!°!!:D»

2 +1 squeekytoy 3 months ago

«@jfk66 Excellent statement, bringing back the old soup Nazi.»

0 +1 cretaoRIP 3 months ago

«@jfk66 so does your mother»

6 +1 S_5 3 months ago

«They are going to be as underprivileged as African Children by the end of the week.»

6 +1 S_5 3 months ago

«Jobs are off the list»