White Girl Steps Up to Wrong Woman and Finds the Fu*k Out

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For aa minute I thought she took her head right off
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0 +1 chris5454t 39 minutes ago

«do not mess with a gorilla»

0 +1 Uzudu5401 2 weeks ago

«At 20 cm she was dead»

0 +1 Uzudu5401 2 weeks ago

«@Uzudu5401 That s why I prefer not fighting but running even if I would win the fight.»

0 +1 Uzudu5401 2 weeks ago

«@Uzudu5401 Call me pussy»

0 +1 blackvyper 2 weeks ago

«She must be very smart because she finds out pretty quick :D»

3 +1 CheeseyVaginas 3 weeks ago

«Beautiful straight jab»

5 +1 Lexxor 3 weeks ago


6 +1 Schade27 3 weeks ago

«Was that Jax from Mortal Kombat?»