LONDON HAS FALLEN: Men Being Arrested For Posting Facebook Videos Criticizing Muslim Extremists

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London has truly become a sad joke, run by a Muslim, with nearly 20% of its population Muslims as well, there is no freedom of speech and real Londoners are treated like outsiders.

Met Police have just turned up in the dead of night to arrest a gentleman in front of his distraught wife who is battling stage 4 cancer.

His crime? Showing disapproval of Palestinian flags flying all the way along his local street.

The video posted is where this post begins, you can hear the gentleman doesn't threaten anyone, he just voices his displeasure on what his neighborhood has turned into as Palestinian flags hang in front of stores.

For this, he was visited by the cops in the dead of night and hauled away to jail as if he were in an Islamic state and he committed blasphemy.
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7 +1 YoDawg 3 months ago

«Looks like the people of London need a civil war!»

3 +1 HelloMonkeyyy 3 months ago

«Scottish accents is making it difficult»

1 +1 smokethewoke 3 months ago

«@HelloMonkeyyy You don't know London, do you? at least its fucking English instead of 15 differing jibber jabbers simultaneously on the street.»

12 +1 ping1200 3 months ago

«England is fucked.»

16 +1 Lilbutterfly 3 months ago

«Scary. England let too many of them into their country. All Brits should do the same as this guy in solidarity against these islamists.
For many Decades Israel has warned the world about the extremism of Islam. . .n Europe didn’t listen, but doubled down n took the most
radical Muslims into their countries, by the many millions. Even most Arab Muslim countries didn’t want them because they knew how radical
some of these so called migrants are. Good luck with that lol

9 +1 MP-V 3 months ago

This is what you (no, not you, i am not one of those assholes pointing finger at everyone, talking in general now ) voted for.
I am Croatian and have been discuisted what is happening here..... while you guys have at least 30 years advance you didnt do nothing.
I would laugh to you, but as a father of 5 i am scared as hell.

0 +1 ping1200 3 months ago

«@MP-V 30 years advance?»

0 +1 Jelenic 3 months ago

«@ping1200 Yea Croatia will not be in 20 years as England is today...Its a decades advance difference
Im from Serbia but live in Netherland and dofderence is extreme
Take for example Phillipines and Europe
Phillipines is now how Netherland was 30 years ago if not 40
Thats called decades advance

1 +1 smokethewoke 3 months ago

«@MP-V Blaire imported 3rd world peasants to alter the voting forever. London will likely never get another British mayor unless he/she is a woke muslim cocksucker»

15 +1 nyclposter 3 months ago

«Oh' this is just the beginning my British pals, just wait until they're beheading you in the streets......»

4 +1 Nutmeg50 3 months ago

«@nyclposter I'd say DEFEND YOURSELVES, but your globalist spineless hack of british gov't disarmed you!!!! TWATS. And that shame of a dare to call them royal family. That sham. Now look at you.»

1 +1 dingbell1999 3 months ago

«@nyclposterDont underestimate the British spirit. At the moment people are scared of losing their livelyhoods if they speak the truth, but if it came down to it, and their families safety at risk it would be a whole different story. These retards couldn't win a fight, they only know how to fight like cowards.»

0 +1 smokethewoke 3 months ago

«@nyclposter They will be stoning women and pushing gays off tower blocks first, The beheading will follow some time later»

11 +1 slugzy 3 months ago

«Love it! multiculturalism at its finest... :P»

17 +1 Inaminute 3 months ago

«Let's go to mosques and demand freedom for Brenton Tarrant»

10 +1 Nanker_Phelge 3 months ago

«couldn't understand a fookin thing they said.»