SHOCK: It's Being Reported Shani Louk has Been Beheaded

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Shani Louk, a German-Israeli citizen who was kidnapped by Hamas and paraded unconscious on the back of a truck, as seen in footage of the Oct. 7 massacre, was discovered dead and beheaded, according to Israeli government officials.

Israel’s government said in a post to the social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, on Monday morning, that it had identified the body of Louk.

"We are devastated to share that the body of 23-year-old German-Israeli Shani Luk was found and identified," the post read. "Shani, who was kidnapped from a music festival and tortured and paraded around Gaza by Hamas terrorists, experienced unfathomable horrors. Our hearts are broken. May her memory be a blessing."
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7 +1 LouSaneous 2 weeks ago

«Fuck Palestine! Capture it and seize it forever. They deserve nothing,»

18 +1 dingbell1999 4 weeks ago

«My prediction is that Isreal are going to wipe Palestine off the face of the map, just like they deserve.

Iran will be next

The world is waking up to what this lot our like. There will be expulsions from a lot of countries soon if not civil war. The only problem is this lot our cowards, and cannot fight like men, Across the world they have shown how retarded they are, and how much hated they have.

The muslim countries are showing how ignorant they are. No protests against turkey taking land from Cyprus, They are all either ignorant, full of hate against Jews and are the real racists, or just pigs

7 +1 Isrlterrst 1 month ago

«Remember israel murdered rachel corry same age girl who was peacely demonstrating and not a jewish slut in slutty clothey dancing with jewish genocide nazis.

When you hang up with nazis, you shoul expect that something will happen!

4 +1 dingbell1999 4 weeks ago

«@Isrlterrst you fuckng backwards uneducated twat, you must be one of dimwit muslims. You calling a Jew a muslim proves how fucking retorted your parents were to make an ignorant twat like you. your lot have started something thats going to wipe the lot of you out. Your getting genocided because you picked on the wrong fuckig country. you fuckers cant fight to save your life, and now your going to be wiped out. There's alot of people gunning for you terrorist cowards, Its fucking great.»

10 +1 Lasse_Karagiannis 1 month ago

«They portray this German-Israeli woman soldier as a civilian. She was a German Jew who "returned" to kill non-Jews. In fact, all these "young people" on the rave party were soldiers on leave.»

0 +1 qwiqqelee 3 weeks ago

«@Lasse_Karagiannis No she objected from military service.»

26 +1 RosesOfDarkness 1 month ago

«One less cum dumpster»

5 +1 dingbell1999 4 weeks ago

«@RosesOfDarkness ha 10000 of your kids less!! Go Israel»

19 +1 Lilbutterfly 1 month ago

«So sad what the hamas animals did to this poor girl. She suffered a horrible death, n probably raped before too, as they raped some girls to death, n kidnapped dozens of young girls.
The video of her being paraded half naked on that truck shocked the world. I hope the payback Israel is giving Gaza now is partly a tribute to Shani Louk, n all the other
innocent civilians that got raped, tortured, n murdered by those islamic serial killers. They even kidnapped children n lil babies as hostages after murdering their parents.
What kind of evil can do such a thing!

2 +1 dingbell1999 4 weeks ago

«@Lilbutterfly At keast the world can see what these animals are now, The religion of peace lol. The religion of cowards who cant fight. Look at them all in the dirty little rat caves.»

5 +1 St3venJacks0n 1 month ago

«Look at all these scumbag moose slimes, raging at all people not of their disgusting ilk. All of their soc accounts and stupidity is being seen in all its' glory.»

27 +1 BUCETILDES88 1 month ago

«fake news»

2 +1 dingbell1999 4 weeks ago

«@BUCETILDES88 hope this is sarcastic, or are you one of those inbreds from the Palestine's»

9 +1 Numiah 1 month ago

«I bet ya they sodomized the crap out of her before beheading her though. Nom Nom!»

48 +1 TrueObserver 1 month ago

«Her mom was pleading online for her safe return but where is the dad??? Single moms make the worst parents. No dad would have allowed her daughter to go overseas to some desert to dance half naked with random guys, likely doing drugs and sex with STIs like is Coachella CA»

0 +1 WolfMoonPeteSteele 4 weeks ago

«@TrueObserver sir you have my upvote!»

22 +1 TrueObserver 1 month ago

«If you are born ugly why would you make yourself uglier by putting on stiff headlocks, tattoos and piercings everywhoknowswhere???»

23 +1 TrueObserver 1 month ago

«What a promiscuous woman she didn’t have a brain to begin with so lose her head is inconsequential. Only a brainless individual would go to the border to incite a group of people who hate women. I bet that this festival may have contributed to moving the attack date.»

0 +1 dingbell1999 4 weeks ago

«@TrueObserver you are one of the inbreds from the palestine ideology, lol You sound like your jealous and nobody would give a fuck if you were murdered, not even your inbred parent pigs»

63 +1 twelveandhorny 1 month ago

Fucking attentionewhore, and also a whore, dressed as a whore.
Girl thought she was gonna go out, show her body to every fucking guy, and then fuck some random dude.
Instead she got killed and beheaded, and i hope she also got raped and tortured.

30 +1 Lexxor 1 month ago

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30 +1 bluwahffle 1 month ago


19 +1 SeeIFapToWeirdShyt 1 month ago

«Israel hebrew bullshit! she was beheaded after dead? For what? Then what? So what? Where's the proof? She died a jew, I hope these arabs bandits at least had enjoyed all of her holes even the bullets ones, I imagine what the nazis did to these jewish ladies, these eastern battalions were cruel as fuck I mean I'd probably be too»

4 +1 Lexxor 1 month ago

«@SeeIFapToWeirdShyt Yawn ???? If you say so kid.»

1 +1 St3venJacks0n 1 month ago

«@SeeIFapToWeirdShyt She was still alive in the back of the pickup, dipshit.»

1 +1 dingbell1999 4 weeks ago

«@SeeIFapToWeirdShyt Israel are more superior to any muslim. You fucking morons have picked on the wrong country and are now crying because you want theme to stop. you dirty coward racist fucks»

36 +1 BlackRoseBean 1 month ago

«Who gives a fuck dude my God»

14 +1 User38648 1 month ago


59 +1 Mark_ey 1 month ago

«Israel is a bullshit country should never have existed»

1 +1 dingbell1999 4 weeks ago

«@Mark_ey Palestine is not a country you fucking moron. Nobody wants them.. Israel will take out all of Arabs fried, and you fuckwits have woken up a lot of people that's itching to help them. The land was the Jews. do some research you fucking moron.»

56 +1 Jamezz 1 month ago


41 +1 TikiCakea20 1 month ago

«Who cares?»

29 +1 munwon 1 month ago

«Watch her show up in a few months posting on Instagram.»

54 +1 Sbarllush 1 month ago

«noone gives a shit about!! who the fuck is Shani Louk??? another slut....fuck off israel a nuke them!!»

49 +1 slugzy 1 month ago

«Where's the decapitation pic? just Israeli spin...»

3 +1 smdbih 1 month ago


54 +1 FucYew 1 month ago

«And how many children has Israel killed in the bombings so far.»

14 +1 1 month ago

«@FucYew Hamas can declare an unconditional surrender and lay down their weapons. That would stop the bloodshed instantly.»

12 +1 BigDnasty 1 month ago

«@FucYew obviously not enough????»

8 +1 liebowitz 1 month ago


The Holocaust con men have a god-given right to kill and claim that they are only defending themselves. Israel is a rogue colony that needs to be dismantled.

1 +1 HelloMonkeyyy 1 month ago

«@liebowitz jihadi»

1 +1 dingbell1999 4 weeks ago

«@liebowitz Ha big words from another coward. Palestine are getting obliterated and everyone is loving it. Israel is supreme over any Arab nation. They are all crying like the cowards they are that they want it to stop. You've awoken something now, and your going to be fucked up.»

10 +1 liebowitz 1 month ago

The Israelis will tell you most of the 7000 murdered were Hamas. they have no integrity. Who can trust them?

0 +1 dingbell1999 4 weeks ago

«@liebowitz They are all the same, You believe the coward terrorist rats. you inbread braindead moron»

0 +1 dingbell1999 4 weeks ago

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33 +1 bordokk 1 month ago

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