BREAKING: 22 Dead and Nearly 60 More Injured in Mass Shooting In Maine

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Amazingly quick identification of the alleged perp.

We know so much about him already.

Incredibly efficient, no?

Incredibly suspect?????

Here is the official information released of the Maine Mass Shooter via the Official Active Shooter Brief From Maine State Police on Robert Card.

- Trained Firearms Instructor

- Army Reservist

- Reported Mental Health Issues &

- Committed to Mental Health Facility This Summer

-Threatened to “Shoot Up” National Guard Base in Maine

This would mean the other photos of the suspect circulating online are false.
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4 +1 DA2 1 month ago

«Another fucking moron. Kill yourself first then shoot everyone else.»

8 +1 Salinan 1 month ago

«everybody needs a hobby. give this man a break»

1 +1 fnarr 1 month ago

«@Salinan Give this man a bullet. Just one. Appropriately applied.»

7 +1 Schade27 1 month ago

«Surprise, surprise. Someone knows how to aim.»

0 +1 ping1200 1 month ago

«The police haven't checked his house yet.»

2 +1 DCC08 1 month ago

«He was being treated for mental health issues and hearing voices, yet there is no mention of that.»

15 +1 MysteryManFZ 1 month ago

«A minuteman with a firearm would have ended this.»

3 +1 fnarr 1 month ago

«@MysteryManFZ Well? Where was your hero with a gun?
More 2a bullshit.

19 +1 Blowjob420 1 month ago

«Where's the real video? How did 22 people get shot and there's not one tik tok snap chat or insta video of anything :ermm:»

9 +1 BlackRoseBean 1 month ago

«@Blowjob420 Knowing how faggoty and pussy this world has become, footage will likely get released later on with ALL the good stuff censored and cut out»

28 +1 LouSaneous 1 month ago

«"assault style weapon" Another Libtard who knows nothing about guns delivering the news.»

0 +1 Pascual113feu 1 month ago

«El horror de otro tiroteo masivo sacude Estados Unidos, esta vez en la pequeña ciudad de Lewiston, en Maine, al noreste del país. Un hombre armado sigue a la fuga ha sembrado el terror en un bar-restaurante y una bolera de esta localidad de 39.000 habitantes, dejando un reguero de víctimas. Al menos unos 18 muertos según los últimos datos.»

2 +1 farvelvane 1 month ago

«@Pascual113feu si no hablas ingles no pongas tu estupido comentario. Deja de ser tan pinche voluble.»

35 +1 VeryFamous123 1 month ago

«every cnt in america has a gun until one is needed»

57 +1 Horses4Eva 1 month ago

«I can imagine they will not say a word about the 5 or 6 Psychiatric drugs he is on. They won't tell you about that and the dangerous side effects they have with direct and urgent links to violence and psychopathy.

What they will tell you is it was the gun while feeding Americans more of these dangerous drugs promoting and propagating the problem while avoiding the real issues causing It.

Gun bad, but here take these 20 pills every day and keep believing men can be women. Here's more pills for that

8 +1 1 month ago

«@Horses4Eva stfu, making excuses like a bitch»

14 +1 the-nice-man 1 month ago

« so how many pills are you on?»

17 +1 Salinan 1 month ago

«Must be a Tranny»

4 +1 lsikanas 1 month ago

«@Salinan That tranny grows a better beard than me! ????????????»

21 +1 fewmomentsinlife 1 month ago

«I can never understand why Americans don't put people that are mental into a specific building for the rest of their lives. You let them go to the outside world, they will do shit like this.»

0 +1 farvelvane 1 month ago

«@fewmomentsinlife what country are you from? Cant imagine it's any better than US bitch.»

3 +1 Schade27 1 month ago

«@fewmomentsinlife ill take freedom of speech and “innocent until proven guilty” or “the burden of proof lies with the accuser”. You have every right to be mental in this country, however, even those who are obviously denied or cant find an avenue of help for their plight will still have to pay the consequence for whatever action they took. Its hard to understand our constitution, our own people dont even really understand what freedom really means or what it costs. Few do, which is why people like you get the few freedoms we do have left taken away.»