Man Threatens his Neighbor... Regrets It.

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Damn, that was a shot.
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3 +1 TheFullBeanz 1 month ago

«The dude tried to tickle him on his side, thats what you get. That schitt may work on little girls but not full grown men, sucka!»

1 +1 ArgleBargle 1 month ago

«All he did was slap him. LMFAO»

4 +1 james57 1 month ago

«Jeez could hear his jaw snap.......»

4 +1 phergus 1 month ago

«Sweet dreams are made of these....»

8 +1 gonegonegone 1 month ago


0 +1 SOYUNDIOS 1 month ago

«@ido ido espera que llegue a ti hijo mio sera hermoso»

4 +1 damnjet 1 month ago

«Should have shot him, apparently it is now justifiable if he feel threatened as the guy who shot the youtube prankster was cleared»

0 +1 damnjet 1 month ago


0 +1 SOYUNDIOS 1 month ago

«@malditojet ojala q ti tambn HIJOMIÓ»

9 +1 UseOnlyInWellVentilatedSpaces 1 month ago

«where I come from thats a Fly swatter»

18 +1 Jasondr91 1 month ago

«We call that the "fuggg around and find out" love tap.»