Teen Caught Destroying Sand Sculpture at Iconic Hawaii Hotel (Got Arrested)

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I hope the girl recording got it too. She knew what she was doing was wrong you can see it in here body language
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0 +1 partytrades 1 month ago

«Send them to Gaza»

3 +1 patiochef 2 months ago

«I don't even care if you're drunk, how do you think this type of behavior is okay?»

3 +1 Charles Manson 2 months ago

«This is proof that nothing last forever»

10 +1 gmlloyd96 2 months ago

«It would’ve been satisfying watching her fall flat on her face when she got off.»

20 +1 Elitex7 2 months ago

«Wish someone shoot that ugly fat slut»

0 +1 meinKlitorus 2 months ago

«meh plenty more sand out htere»

25 +1 FucYew 2 months ago

«Fucking Fat Cunt.»

12 +1 Dan 2 months ago

«Normally Ill mind my own business but I am happy they were caught»

12 +1 Dan 2 months ago

«I remember being a Teen but even then I was never that IGNORANT.
Because that's what this is. This girl hopefully is Ashamed from this