NEW: Woman Knocks Out Female Cop While Fleeing Arrest

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In this eye-opening video, we delve into the gripping details of a recent shoplifting incident that took a startling turn. Follow along as we uncover the story of Ishionte Jackson, a 23-year-old suspect with a criminal history, as she faces a $10,000 bond in Magistrate Court. Discover the surprising twists and challenges faced by both the prosecution and defense in this compelling legal case. Don't miss this captivating look at a day in the life of the criminal justice system.
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3 +1 Essohbe 2 months ago

«The fuck even happened? And did this really need to be 30mins long?»

0 +1 _e5 2 months ago

«imagine stealing from Dollar Tree...»

5 +1 TheFullBeanz 2 months ago

«The good old days when cops were allowed to do their jobs.»

8 +1 stinkhorn 2 months ago

«OK, there needs to be female cops, but out on the beat? Imagine how easy it would have been for some other criminal to have taken her gun.»

2 +1 notmeisnot 2 months ago

«Men and women at the exact same (as the f'ing Flash goes by).»

8 +1 notmeisnot 2 months ago

«Stealing chips. How black...»

8 +1 Elitex7 2 months ago

«Lol ugly weak pig»

3 +1 Dan 2 months ago

«I miss LIVEPD anyone else watch that show»