Karen gets Instant Karma...Or was this Not Justified?

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I am ashamed and embarrassed for them. He definitely beats his wife kids' and pets. She is certainly a battered woman. She said that's what you deserve and even exerted her dominance over the poor lady by leaning over top of her. This is sad
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6 +1 StillAlive 1 month ago

«unintelligent people can't control their temper and feel like they need to hit someone or steal something.»

9 +1 TheFullBeanz 1 month ago

«He definitely beats his wife.»

18 +1 Greek46 2 months ago

«Another REAL tough Black!!»

7 +1 _e5 2 months ago

«poorly staged»

0 +1 HungWhiteMaleFTW 1 month ago

«@_e5 Is that the title of your autobiography?»

46 +1 VeryFamous123 2 months ago

«the american black, there is a reason they have never taken over the white mans place»

20 +1 Fazer0 2 months ago

«The threat of violence isn’t enough anymore, people need to know if they act up they’re gonna get put down»

0 +1 Idiot_killaz 1 month ago

«Put him back in his cage now!!»